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CELL is your personal page on, where you selectively publish whatever you want to publish, whether or not you have a personal site. in the former case your Cell serves as a container in which to accumulate your data that will make up your site once you decide to have one. if you already have a web site (connected to the Netcells system) your Cell is an additional web presence, which brings new visitors to your site - no additional work is needed to maintain your Cell you simply decide for each item you publish where it shows (your Cell, your site or both). you do not want your Cell to be a duplicate of your site - that's boring and bad for the search engines - consider it a prototype, a lab to experiment with your data, perhaps show a different side to your activity.

your Cell works on any device, including smartphones, it has many features that your site is possibly lacking - spam-proof contact form, social networks share buttons, navigation tool, automatic image scaling, page view count, online selling facility, you can publish Text, Blogs, Images, Links, Products - we are improving it all the time and you are getting those features for free.

write/edit your Cell's text items in NUZ > Publish > Text (the highest Position number will show first)
change your Cell's title in NUZ > Account > Profile
add Links in NUZ > Publish > Links
add Products in NUZ > Business > Products

here are a few examples of a Netcells CELL:
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