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International Alert
Peacebuilding charity.
Airbnb for Refugees
Guardian Newspaper article about Berlin-based initiative to house refugees
El Ultimo Grito
Design duo Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo.
Fifty exhibitions in fifty weeks
Addiction to Perfection
Book looking at compulsion by Jungian Psychologist Marion Woodman
Animated 4d Hypercube
Animated 4d hypercube,
n-dimensional rubik's cube
Sequential move puzzle in different dimensions
Hypercube in 12 Dimensions
Crisis Homeless Charity
UK Homeless Charity for single people.
Parting Shots
My (awful) film debut.
Azulejos Artísticos Bondia
Muestra de los trabajos realizados por los prestigiosos ceramistas Juan y Ángel. Cerámica tradicional valenciana, reconocida mundialmente.
f4tim4 caricatures and portraits
Muestra de mis trabajos como caricaturista y retratista.
Aquafuentes, S.L.
Servicios de depuración de agua. Ósmosis y descalcificadores.
Parrot Sketch
Monty Python Live
Ministry of Silly Walks
Monty Python's The Flying Circus
Fork Handles
Vintage British Comedy from The Two Ronnies
The Four Yorkshiremen
More eccentric British humour...lovely version of this classic sketch from "At Last The 1948 Show"
Del Boy Bar Fall
From Only Fools and Horses....brilliantly executed by David Jason...
Rowan Atkinson Lamppost Sketch
From Not The Nine O'Clock News. In the production meeting it was thought this sketch wouldn't work. It's all down to Atkinson's facial expressions...
Nisargadatta Maharaj
Indian spiritual teacher, author of I Am That. Teaches self realisation, consciousness, nonduality.
Patricia Burchat
Professor of Physics, Stanford University.
Shedding Light on Dark Matter
TED Talk by Patricia Burchat
Author. American Spiritual Teacher.
Eckhart Tolle
Author and spiritual teacher.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D
Poet, psychoanalyst.
Daniel Kahneman
Nobel prize winning psychologist who challenges what we think about how we think. Review of his book'Thinking Fast and Slow'.
Steven Pinker
Cognitive Psychologist, Harvard University. Author.
Reflections on Buddhism and the Feminine
by Caroline Brazier
Beyond Mindfulness
by Caroline Brazier
Thich Nhat Hanh
Zen Master, Poet, Author, Peace Activist, Buddhist Monk.
Prof Paul Gilbert
Author, clinical psychologist. The Compassionate Mind Foundation.
Eastern Body, Western Mind
by Anodea Judith. Integrating western psychology with the chakra system.
The Transpersonal Self
Comparing 7 Psychological Theories by Michael Daniels
Transpersonal Science
Introduction to transpersonal pyschology
British Psychological Society
Transpersonal Psychology Section
Abraham Maslow
American Psychologist, developed Malsow's hierarchy of needs culminating in self actualisation.
The Ego & The Dynamic Ground
by Michael Washburn. SUNY press.
Transpersonal Psychology in Psychoanalytic Perspec
By Michael Washburn. SUNY press.
Psychic Energy, Libido & Spirit
Three energies or one? Michael Washburn.
Ken Wilber
Author, philosopher, theoretical psychologist.
Integral Life
Ken Wilber: co-founder, philosopher.
The Sex Addicted Brain
Neuroscientist Dr Sarah Ullman
Shame v Guilt
The neuropsychology of Shame v Guilt, Narcissism v Psychopathy in relation to sex addiction by Dr Sarah Ullman
Sam Vaknin
Author, of Malignant Self Love. Writes about narcissism and the narcissistic personality disorder.
Do narcissists feel guilty?
by Dr Sam Vaknin
Heinz Kohut
Psychoanalyst. Came up with psychology of the self.
Janae & Barry Weinhold
Authors, developmental psychologists. Working with trauma abuse and most recently the evolution of consciousness.
Hyman Spotnitz
Psychiatrist, neurologist, psychoanalyst. Mid-Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis
Getting Pied
Live broadcast I did as a joke for my colleagues at Sky News...the clowns sent me flowers the next day :-)
Pie Face
Did I deserve a pie in the face? This version was pre-recorded so I knew what was coming...
Dr Helen Fisher, PhD
Anthropologist into the evolution and future of sex, love, gender differences. Dr Helen Fisher studies the brain in love and how your personality determines who you're likely to form a romantic connection with.
Dr Michio Kaku
Dr Michio Kaku - theoretical physicist, futurist, media personality
Centre for Research in String Theory
Queen Mary University, London.
The Jung Page
Jungian research and community portal.
C J Jung Institute
Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.
Freud Museum
Freud Museum, London
Marion Woodman
Jungian Psychologist, author, body work therapist.
The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Cambell
Fascining insight into both modern psychology, mythology and world religions. Author Joseph Campbell draws on his life study of comparative mythology and discerns there is a pattern running through the various teaching stories in numerous cultures, when viewed metaphorically and he breaks this down into a single journey of psychological enrichment and enlightenment.
Stephen Hawking
Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist.
The Grand Design
Remarkably easy read exploring the origins and mysteries of the universe, and multiverse, (the idea there are numerous universes) the nature of reality, m-theory and the implications of quantum reality: the idea that there is no one history of the universe, but that every possible history exists.
Joseph Campbell Foundation
"Follow Your Bliss" ...American Author and Joseph Campbell who spend his lifetime studying comparative mythology after falling in love with the Native American Indian culture as a child.
Brian Greene
Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Columbia University... manages to explain string theory and the likes in an accessible way!
James Lovelock
Scientist, environmentalist, futurist. Developed the Gaia theory.
Charles L. Whitfield M.D.
Doctor and psychotherapist specialising in addiction and trauma recovery, particularly childhood trauma.
History of Psychology
Brief summaries of the history and philosophy of psychology. Lecture notes from Dr C George C Boeree, Shippensburg University.
Albert Einstein
Documentary with Michio Kaku
Albert Ellis Institute
Grandfather of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Albert Ellis helps us understand how we talk to ourselves in destructive and overly emotive ways and how to change that for wellbeing and happiness. He developed Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, (REBT) and has a wonderful wit.
Toni Cotoli
guitarrista amigo
Carlos Enrique
guitarrista amigo
Man's right to know
The story of Wilhelm Reich and his theories on orgasm, neurosis and orgone, a deep life energy which is also referred to as Prana or Chi. Reich believed he had found a way to measure and harness this energy and he used it to treat cancer patients. His findings were vilified by the psychoanalytic community at the time and he was later closed down by the US government and his books were burned.
Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy
A brief history of the findings of Wilhelm Reich and his study of what he called orgone, a deep life force, with a blueish colour, found around the earth and within the body.
Network 7, Channel 4
My first ever television appearance on the oh-so-80's Network 7.
The brain in love
Romantic love is one of the most powerful and addictive substances on earth and we will die for it, says Dr Helen Fisher PhD in this TED talk, which looks at the neuroscience behind our romantic longings.
Listening to Shame
Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage, says Brene Brown in her brilliantly witty TED talk. Her belief is vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change. To be vulnerable we need to break through epidemic of shame in our culture and find our way back to empathy and understanding.
String theory explained
Physicist Brian Greene explains superstring theory in 20 minutes. Seeking a unified answer to the question, "What is it that makes up every particle and force in our universe?" String theory postulates the answer is tiny strands of energy vibrating in ten dimensions of space and one dimension of time. Thus moving us beyond our 3d view and changing our perception of who we are and how our reality works.
String theory and the multiverse
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku takes us back to before the big bang and says string theory suggests there is a multiverse of universes. What's more he asks can we figure out how to jump between them creating a way to jump through space and time?
The multiverse has 11 dimensions
Physicist Michio Kaku uses string theory to (simply) explain how the big bang came about and how multiverse has 11 dimensions because beyond that it becomes unstable. He also says the 'cosmic music' created by the vibrational energy resonating throughout this 11 dimensional multiverse could equate to what Albert Einstein called 'The Mind of God'.
Its not It's
here is gracious help with the pesky Its vs It's problem - once and for all - from the formidable Andrew Huff in Chicago.
The Oriental Miscellany: King's College London
Jane Chapman researches the first transcription of Indian music for harpsichord published in 1789, and other rare works from the Foyle Special collections Library.
Turner Sims Fellow at University of Southampton
Jane Chapman works with composers and harpsichordists initiating and taking part in new projects.
Trio Aporia
Three leading performers acclaimed for cutting-edge contemporary and pioneering early music performances, exploring new paths that cross boundaries and classification. Stephen Preston baroque flute, Richard Boothby viola da gamba.
Contra todo mal, Pistolo medicinal. Leed el prospecto cuidadosamente.
Foot Candle
light meassure unit
Otro Espacio
When I first met Juanjo Jujo Andrés Martín and Alba Braza, they were starting what would later become known as Otro Espacio: an alternative way to live art!
Teatro en casa. Theatre at home. "El Ensayo"
Teatro en casa comedia EL ENSAYO
Masterpiece Memories demo
personal video clips walking trhoug Valencia.
Pink latex dresses worn in the video
MIT Tech Review - latest breakthrough technologies
10 breakthrough technologies of the 2013, according to MIT - include memory implants, additive manufacturing and supergrids.
Anthony Cerniello - Danielle aging
Anthony Cerniello and a few other people created a video illustrating aging process by meticulously superimposing images of one family members.
DV8 Leisure
Annual Fetish Festival held in June in Kent
UK changes image copyright rules
UK Intellectual Property Office responds to the 'abolition of copyright' law controversy.
movies you should watch before you die
IMDB list of films to see before you die (2,374 Titles)
The World First Web Site
CERN's restoration project puts the world's first web site, of 30 April 1993, back where it was - open sharing of linked documents with no royalties was the original idea.
Grammarly - dubious results at a steep price
One writer's confrontation with grammar checking software. The best way to learn to write is from other humans - he says in conclusion.
Benjamin Zander-With bright eyes
Music, that interstellar language! Amazing!
Unmasking digital manipulation of photos
Cameras do not lie but photographers (and editors) do. Nevertheless, a growing array of software is now on hand to automatically detect all but the very expert trickery.
One Million Tweet map
Amazingly, it shows what it says. In real time.
Royal College of Music
Jane Chapman - harpsichord professor at RCM
Disney perfects face-cloning
totally controllable and hyper-accurate actor replacement
Las exposiciones continuan hasta el 15 de julio en el Instituto Francés de Valencia, hasta el 31 de julio en la Galería La Mutante, hasta el 1 de septiembre en el MuVIM (Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad) y la Galería Punto y hasta el 9 d
darren birkin
landmark photographer latex photographer
Fetish Map London
fetish map, fetish shop locations
Contact Editions
Online photographic community network for photographers, galleries, collectors and image lovers.
Self Publish, Be Happy
Organisation founded with the aim of celebrating, studying and promoting self-published photo books.
Creative network and funding body for emerging arts talent.
Foam is for photographers, picture editors, designers and all those who have a passion for photography.
Online photography magazine devoted to publishing and promoting both established and emerging photographers.
Photomonth - East London Photography Festival
International Photography Festival based in East London
Roots Fm
Revival Radio Station
Lille based creative photo blog
Hayley Kirton
Photographer of fashion and beauty
Skin Two
magazine, fetish directory
The Fetishistas
online fetish magazine
Cynth Icorn - Purely Perverted
model, fetishist, artist, performer
Fetish Photographer, Torture Garden DJ
sublimerush Online Magazine
Ectomorph feature from page 40
Rachel Stephens
Breakthrough in DNA data storage
Harvard-based scientists have successfully stored around 700 terabytes of data in a single gram of DNA.
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
Museum of Photography, Paris
Café de la Fontaine, Verlinghem
Traditional Northern French café, bar, with gallery and entertainment programme
Sounds and Silence - movie
A new film about ECM's Manfred Eicher, with Arvo Pärt, Dino Saluzzi, Jan Garbarek and others.
Jolyon Dupuy
Mimi The Clown
Lille based international street artist
Marian Bantjes
TED talk by a reformed graphic designer from Canada
open-source electronics prototyping platform
support and information for visual artists in the UK
An interdisciplinary forum for creative projects and criticism, initiated by composer Erik Ulman and visual artist/performer Marcia Scott.
La plus petite galerie du monde (OU PRESQUE)
Independent Art Callery, Roubaix
The Luggage Store
Gallery and performance space
Music by the Eyeful
Series exploring inventions in visual audio
Heather Frasch
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of California, Berkeley
Illuminated Corridor
Urban installations - a collision of public art, music and film
Music by the Eyeful Event Photos
Photos of Luggage Store Event
Pierre-Alexandre Pheulpin
Lille based violinist and photographer
Belgian based digital photography magazine
We have a hundred months to save our planet
Edge Foundation
To promote inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues
Human Rights Watch
Independent organization dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.
38 degrees
38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens. People Power!
Polish Street Artist Group
Maison de la photographie
Centre of contemporary photography, Lille.
poster designs from Geoffrey Dorne (FRA)
YouTube Channel
Humour and Voice Impressions
e-flux Journal
new online journal from NY art group e-flux
an entertaining glimpse into workings of Kevin Roberts - CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi
Zayunu By Design
Refreshingly different jewellery
Tim Hunkin
engineer and cartoonist - read useful guide about longevity of inkjet prints
Critical Notice
Showcasing the works of Contemporary Voices composers
Aurora Josephson
Wayne Clements
London visual artist and a writer, creatively using IT technology.
Natural History Magazine, NY
excellent natural world and science magazine, paper and web.
young photographer from Hawaii, a nice guy and speaks Japanese !
official site about great French writer, born 1958.
The Official Portfolio Site of Piotr Walczuk
Lithuanian photographers' association.
Theatre News - In love with African-Caribbean Theatre
Birgit Busch
watercolour artist in Bavaria, Germany
Martin Amis
Site about great British writer, born in 1949.
no explanation needed.
free collection of interesting and relevant facts, started by Eyeball CyberArt Studio.
Istvan Horkay
collage and multimedia artist, Budapest.
Urban Dictionary
dictionary of urban slang and techno neologisms.
Casey Reas
computer artist
Majora Carter at TED
Greening the ghetto - caution - this is fast moving...
Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics
Organization for promoting the freedom of thought.
Terry Marks
figurative painter, tattooist, graphic artist, New York.
Anja Stehlik
Forward thinking fashion label
independent resource dedicated to avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts.
Carolyn Carlson
Atelier de Paris
Tiff Laufer
Director & Cinematographer
Tadashi Suzuki
Way of the Actor
Heather Forest
Sven's Space Place
space exploration technology and history from Sven, Sweden.
Simone Williams
Beautifully designed ladieswear fashion for the discerning fashionista
animation and character creation
Andy Wilson
London photographer, pilot and friend.
Polish deConstruction
organizing Polish artists and designers in UK
Alan Marsh
great friend, top food and still-life photographer, London.
Kinetica Museum
new high-tech exhibit space in London, shows, events, discussions