NetCells support the European legislation, known as GDPR, designed to counteract global data grabbing and misuse. this page is more than the bland statements you have probably been force fed with - it addresses each one of the main points of GDPR. those issues are complex and evolving - this page will update accordingly.
don't forget, in the long term the effectiveness of GDPR depends on YOU handling your data responsibly - when you use "free" email service, when you are using this or that "social" network you are generating data about yourself and about all other people you interact with, today's giant corporations are expert in capturing those data. be responsible with data you store - there is no excuse for weak passwords and sloppy practices.

data we manage are of three types:
- NetCells data - company data - stored on our dedicated server to which only NetCells has access.
- User data in the User Zone - those data are owned by our Users - stored securely in NetCells User Zone (NUZ) - Users choose to publish and share those data on multiple web sites -- or just keep it as their private cloud storage.
- User web account data - those data, owned by our Users, are stored in their own web accounts (site content, emails) on NetCells dedicated servers in UK and US - while we are responsible for the servers, the security of the data is the sole responsibility of their owners.

# privacy and data protection are at the very foundation of NetCells, right from the outset, from year 2000 onwards. we did not like giving our data to big companies for no good reason, and so we set up our own Internet facility to keep our private data really private, and that is what we have been doing for our Users ever since - that has subsequently became known as cloud data storage.

# NetCells handling of personal data is aligned to our mission - supporting true Creativity worldwide. NetCells has never sold or made data available to third parties. neither we ever practiced unsolicited mailing (spamming). furthermore, it is in our charter that the company will never be sold. if we contact someone it is on a one-to-one basis with legitimate interest in what they are doing or producing. we have no cookies or trackers on our site (except the User Zone, of course -- to maintain sessions). if you send data via form on many sites on our server your IP will be captured for security and verification purposes. if you believe we might be holding your data, either public or private, against your wishes just contact us.

# NetCells data, unlike most other data, are stored on our own private dedicated servers - those are run by:
OVH in London > GDPR Statement
HostForWeb in US
User domain names owner data are handled by our domain name registar: > GDPR Statement

# only the chairman has access to the NetCells data, except rare occasions when additional technical assistance is requested - that comes from the data centre staff or directly from the makers of cPanel software. third party programmers do not have access to our database, nor even your site, unless you so choose - they work in a "sandbox" mode. we store and protect your data in the same way as our own, although no one can give you a 100% security guarantee, we believe your data is significantly safer with us than a great majority of providers - as long as you are competent in handling your access credentials.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR guide from Mozilla

last update: 5 June 2018