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that is explained on: but, in more practical terms:

for start, NetCells brings you traffic you could not get otherwise. our network has good traffic rating - you can confirm that with any online tool. while you are at it don't forget to check your own site's rating - the result you are likely to get is zero (0). that is because it's very difficult (and time consuming and/or expensive) to build traffic for your site, it takes years, even if you are able to put in the effort.
running your web site on our server is like having 2 sites for the price of one, one of which (guess which one) is guaranteed to bring you traffic.

secondly, how shall we explain it... imagine having a computer program that does what you want and not what it wants... and imagine you can alter the existing functions and add new functions you that like.
that program is called NUZ (NetCells User Zone), running since year 2004 for the exclusive benefit of our Users, we respond to their comments and suggestions, new functions can be programmed even for just one (1) User's purposes and simply added there.

well, these are just 2 of many reasons NetCells is potentially invaluable to you. if you really want to move from 0 to 1 then you might consider becoming a NC User.
thanks for reading and have a nice day (or night)!
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