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StartCell is our well-tried formula for rapid launching of a web site - dating back to year 2002.
It is a complete design/hosting package, made to your specification for a site of several pages, built by a competent developer from NetCells.
your new web site will be up and running in a day or two, the content editable by yourself from start via User Zone (NUZ), independently from the site's design. then you should take time to develop and finely tune your site's content and look - StartCell gives you a solid foundation for that.

includes basic page design, domain name and hosting with cPanel, prepaid for one year - after that StartCell is converted into Live hosting - unless you have other ideas...
! 20% UK Sales Tax (VAT) will be added, for buyers in United Kingdom (GB), except tax registered business users. All products and services subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.