This page shows Projects from Netcells and our Users - we will steadily add here information and new functionality. you need to be a User to post your Project here, but if your project is good you are half-way there - contact us to find out.
digest the data soup
our vision of the world should be consistent with the Facts - the Datasoup web site lists some of those - it has run since 2003, but was much neglected in the recent years - we are working on it again.
text is no longer linear
exploring the creative writing potential of programming and database use. initially via development of Blog functionality - small pieces of text are programmed to interact in all kind of possible ways. although the focus is on text, images and other kinds of information can be added. this is now Ali's and Jac's joint project.
Live and Work Elsewhere for a Time
today, the technology, the political and economic changes liberate many of us from living and continually working in one geographical location. is serving a small private network of people willing and able to take advantage of that fact - staying in inspiring environments, meeting like-minded souls, venturing into new lifestyles and scenery, while avoiding propaganda and unnecessary expense. the simple idea is that when one of our Users extends his/her hospitality to another, then, if not paid for, this is reciprocated at a later time.
Creative Programmer

new web site to gather and promote programmers who are truly creative and interested in Creativity. the suitable programmers are give free accommodation for a time in London, Paris or Valencia (Spain).
co-create value
this big project, started in 2018 as a re-thinking of art and art of printmaking evolved, by application of new technologies, into a global system of feeding Human Creativity and co-creating value.
feed Human Creativity
DeepCheque.Org is a practical application of the vast image database and techniques and technologies from the original DeepCheque system for feeding Human Creativity, by creating a Communication Object expressed in a wide range of printed and online messages.