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A fantastic event organised by Thorough Events, special thanks to Chrissy Campbell PR. Incredible cars and motorcycles a collection of historic, rare cars to rival any Concours in the world. In the photo with HRH Prince Michael of Kent is the Napier-Railton. A lovley sunny day,
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I am pretty disgusted with Adobe who are forcing all users into subscription only to use their software. I for one will find an alternative to Photoshop, maybe Corel, maybe Pixelmator, maybe someone will finally come up with an equally good alternative to photoshop. Many many people will suffer. Small busi
Bruce Springsteen on his Confederate bike.
She Gave Me Gasoline Craig Lynn Photographer Bruce Springsteen - Confederate “She Gave Me Gasoline” is a photographic project inspired by my love of motorcycles and cars. Bruce Springsteen was the first person I photographed for this project whilst we were riding in New Jersey. Craig