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Here are two images from a super shoot I did with the lovely Photographer Paul O'Connor for Wimbledon! It was such fun to walk down the street with the tennis guy head:) Yummy Strawberries and Ice Cream:)
Direct Line Insurance
This is an ad I was so lucky enough to produce, for the fabulous production company Manamedia UK. They were so super to work with, and so generous in helping me in everyway, to make this such a wonderful shoot to have been involved with. The girls in the shot were such fun and working with the lovely photogra
I was lucky enough to work with lovely Photographer Martin Brent on a great campaign for Unison.
Ford Money
Shot a lovely campaign with Paul O' Connor for Ford Money. It was such fun with making a winter garden into a summer one , and stuffed chickens:)
I was lucky enough to work with the super Photographer Roy Metha on another series of super smiley faces ads for NS&I. Always such fun to do:)
This has got to be one of the most fun shoots ever with the amazing Photographer Dan Burn Forti. I was lucky enough to produce this for the fabulous production company ManaMedia Uk. It was just a dream team, and I learnt so much throughout the whole shoot. It was my first job for them producing and this wa
Oh such a super lovely day with lots of little ones, with fabulous Photographer Jo Sax for Sainsbury's. I wanted to take this one home:)
What a fun day in this amazing place for kids with Photographer Jo Sax.
Last summer I was lucky enough to work on several lovely images with Photographer Paul O'Connor for M&S. It was a super fun shoot to work on with such a lovely team. Here are just two images from that shoot, and I must say it was such fun building the kids tent:
Nat West Photographer Paul O 'Connor
Every girls dream! or at least mine:) For this super job for Nat West shot in Bath, I got to hire the most fabulous Roman Centurion costume, and dress my very own solider!. I love my job:)
Legal & General photographer Paul O'Connor
As always such a treat to work with lovely photographer Paul O'Connor on these ads for L&G. We used real kids with their Mums and Dads , which always seems to work best, especially if they are young. The whole team , client and agency were so lovely to work with, I am hoping to shoot some more later this yea
Tesco photographer Colin Campbell
Great time as always working with Colin Campbell on this ad for Tesco. I so enjoy sourcing props:)
Keiran Perry Photographer
I was so excited to work with lovely photographer Keiran Perry on a test he was working on! It was such a great fun creative shoot! Here are 4 images from that day!
Microsoft Photographer Tara Moore
It was my great pleasure to work with the fabulous photographer Tara Moore, on a lovely Microsoft shoot!. Loads of shots to do over two days, with students, teachers and little ones! Great fun! Here are just a few images from the shoot:)
Heathrow Airport
This year started off with a fabulous producing and production job for Heathrow Airport! Working with super agent Jo Clark and her wonderful photographer Craig Easton, it was such a great fun shoot to work on! Here are just to shots for the series.
Cancer Research
I ended 2014 with a big job for a charity close to my heart, Cancer Research!. I worked with an amazing team, photographer Trevor Ray Hart, and producer Nina Cowan from PURE!. Everyone worked so hard to make this a special shoot and it so was! We got to have such fun and work for an amazing cause! .
BT Library
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to produce,style and prop a super shoot for lovely photographer Caroline Irby, for BT. Here are a couple of shots from a truly great shoot!
2014 was a very up and down year! But i did have the joy to work with Photographer Tara Moore , on a fabulous shoot for Ikea. These are just 3 shots from the 2 day shoot!
Student for Nat West
Had the joy to work with Paul O Connor on another great shoot for Nat West. The whole job was such fun. We shot a family and couples plus this of a student in her room at University .
Ab Fab girls and John Cleese with Matt Hoyle on his new book called Comic Genius!
Dreams really do come true! I had the great fortune to work with my heroes the Ab Fab girls on this amazing book by Matt Hoyle!. He has shot some of the most famous and funniest people on the planet!. I also got to work with Michael Palin and John Cleese. Here is me and the girls plus great images of Michael
New ads for Vodafone
Here are two images from a lovely shoot i did with Allan Grainger! Hope you like them!
Sharron Daly had great fun working on The Sun's Dream Team football Shoot
I have just worked on a fabulous stills shoot with Paul O Connor for the Sun Newspaper. It was was a wonderful mixture of a team of blokes who could not play football no matter how hard they tried!. it was such a fun shoot to be involved on, working with a great crew and characters!. Please take a look at my