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Queen Unseen - Book distribution - Hince - Ratty - Peter - Freddie

To all the supportive and lovely people who have purchased my book - many thanks indeed. I hope you enjoy it. There have been a few messages about receiving - or not receiving the book. Allow me to explain: The finished books were only delivered to the publisher at the very end of of last Friday September 30th. And I didn't see the book myself until lunchtime on Monday October 3rd - publication day! So, unfortunately there will be a short delay in getting books to purchasers. I went into the Publisher's office on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to sign copies - and they were sending them out as I was signing - so please be a little patient, the publisher is doing all they can. I can confirm that they are being posted to people who pre ordered. Amazon pre orders are also coming through - and despite purchasers being given a 10 day delivery date ?

If you have any problems - and have not received a book you have ordered and paid for - please let me know and I will chase it up for you.

Many thanks to the people who have already given the book glowing reviews - I'm so pleased you liked it. Very gratifying for me after so many years of working on this project, and finally seeing it in print.

Best wishes