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Queen Unseen - Book distribution - Hince - Ratty - Peter - Freddie
Hi To all the supportive and lovely people who have purchased my book - many thanks indeed. I hope you enjoy it. There have been a few messages about receiving - or not receiving the book. Allow me to explain: The finished books were only delivered to the publisher at the very end of of last Friday Septembe
Queen Unseen - Peter Hince - Now Published !
Queen Unseen is now published in the UK. I would like to thank all the people who have made it happen and supported and encouraged me through the many years it has taken to get my memories into print and available to the world. I would also like to give my appreciation to the thousands of people who have pre
My book on Queen published October 2011 - order signed advance copies
My book Queen Unseen is now published ! Queen Unseen was published in the UK on October 3rd 2011 and signed copies of the hardback edition can be pre ordered from the publisher. To order a signed copy for £ 17.99, (UK P&P free - overseas P&P £3.00)Please contact John Blake Publishing Ltd with your name,