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Chinese Year Of The Snake - Gold Snake Bracelet with Black Diamonds and Sapphires
Gold Snake Bracelet with Black Diamonds and Sapphires - £45,000 Longmire, Bury Street, London SW1
"Abundant Harvest" by Hugh Wedderburn.
Carved to a personal commission from Julia Brodie, by: Hugh Wedderburn, 17 Tabard Street, London SE1 4LA Tel: +44 (0) 20 7403 2226
How appropriate to be photographing handbags as 'The Iron Lady', with Meryl Streep, takes to the big screen!
This is an Osprey London bag. Of course Margaret Thatcher's favourite boxy black leather one was actually an Asprey model, ....which she owned for over 30 years.
Bespoke instruments from a series photographed for Joy Of Sound
Marc Lavelle's wheelchair-presentable marimba, and Joanne's tuned percussion stand:
Lille Braderie 2011
Every year, before the Braderie, pitches on the Esplanade are staked out and defended for weeks ahead:
Back From Brazil - Boipeba
Boipeba Island is enchanting, bereft of cars, and with heart shaped stones on the sandy beach as if left there by the tourist board:
Back From Brazil
LENÇÓIS, the Diamond Capital of the Chapada Diamantina. Despite the lack of people shown here in these pictures, it is a thriving town with a flourishing tourist trade, as well as a truck culture of it's very own:
Back From Brazil
The astounding geology of the Chapada, around Lençóis, Andarai, Igatù, and Mucugê, where diamonds of varying quality can still be found:
Back From Brazil
Stepping out of the studio to explore the extraordinary landscape of the Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia State, Brazil, with it's rocks, caves and waterfalls.
Jouer pour "Voir"
Jouer pour "Voir" is now open at La Plus Petite Galerie du Monde, Roubaix, until 25th June. Here are the images I have contributed, which were taken on various vintage Box Brownies, at a beach near Dover, called St Margaret's Bay. The still-life pictures were made in the studio using a magnifying glass in f
Dead Dog
Dead dog on the beach, Boipeba Island, Bahia, Brazil after the vultures have visited
Jouer pour "Voir"
Alan will be taking part in the exhibition: Jouer pour "Voir", at La Plus Petite Galerie du Monde, Roubaix, during June 2011, as part of Transphotographie NORD(S)trans2011.
Cafe Photo Roubaix
Alan Marsh is starting 2010 with an exhibition of studio still-life photography running throughout January at Cafe Photo, Roubaix, Lille
Sapins d'artistes
Alan is taking part in a group exhibition at La plus petite galerie du monde (ou presque), 69 rue des Artes à Roubaix on Sunday 6th December (from 11.30am - 6.30pm) which will also be showing on Saturday 12th December (from 3pm-6.30pm)
Kitchen Portraits by Alan Marsh
Alan is having an exhibition of food and still-life photography at Café de la Fontaine, 12 Rue de la Fontaine - 59237 Verlinghem, Lille, from Tuesday 31st March to Saturday 25th April 2009! For more details call him on: +44 (0)20 7407 1751 or Café de la Fontaine on: 03 20 08 89 13
Goutez moi ça at Café Photo Roubaix
Alan Marsh is taking part in "Goutez moi ça", a group exhibition of photographs, at Café Photo, Roubaix, from 5th June 2009.