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how we do Netcells is a small but well-established UK company with solid client base and an impeccable track record - we are here to stay and grow - as a matter of fact, we now must grow and therefore are seeking more people to work with - You ? We work with Information and Communication technology - our solutions are universal - because any business or activity depends on efficient use of information. We program our own functionality and we write functions specific to our Users - that is why our solutions are completely flexible, suitable for anyone. We use the technologies of the future, we operate in today's Inter...
Use of this site, our products and services, either as a User or a visitor, is taken as acceptance of these standard Terms and Conditions: ...
Plan 1 Cell
1Cell is a great new Product from Netcells, specifically designed to remove all cost barriers to serious, individual web presence. It is priced so low it is affordable anywhere in the world - ready to publish and edit from the day 1. Our feedback so far has been excellent. Help us to promote it and get a commission on each new 1Cell sold from your recommendation. We pay anyone 20% of the Product price (excluding tax) for a casual recommendation and if you want to do it on regular basis we will increase this to 50%, as long as you reach our minimum target (currently 1 sale per quarter) - in practical terms - bring us 1 sale and if ...
on this page we credit people and sites: Quotations: copyright on quotations is debatable -- that is why you are seeing so many quotations, which is not a bad thing. our Creativity quotes come from various sources, including the NetCells chairman and other Users, while it is easy enough to find out where the quotation is coming from - just do a web search (not forgetting to put the quotation between " ... " quotation marks) -- bear in mind the results might not be reliable - quotations are easily stolen, copied, paraphrased, wrongly attributed... so, get inspired, if you can, then go and do your own thinking... Fonts: our fo...
Company is for supporting creativity worldwide, owned and run not-for-profit by:

Netcells Limited
Registered in England since 2004
company No.5121546
VAT No. GB 645597887
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NetCells CellMate program - a short introduction from the chairman. have a feeling our dear Internet becomes each day... just a bit more... invasive... dangerous... restrictive...? are not alone... but, hey! -- don't be a Prisoner -- be a CellMate! join us in the crucial task of re-building the web from the ground up! we need to continue making, extending and connecting horizontal networks of equal Users, who own, cultivate and share data on their own terms, communicate freely while not being manipulated and snooped on - this has always been our mission - for the last 2 decades. NetCellMates (NCM) is a partnership...
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this page shows up-to-date technical and operational information concerning our servers - refer to it when suspecting a problem with your web site. to contact us please use the ›Help page. note: all Internet servers fail from time to time. When a host company promises 99% connectivity, in real terms it means no more than 3 days 15 hours and 36 minutes of down time during one year. NETCELLS 8 SERVER (NC8) - dedicated server running since January 2018 SP-32 - Xeon E3-1270v6 Linux / cPanel/WHM this is a "bare metal" server housed in London, UK, with a French company ›OVH, our support comes directly from the cPanel in Texas....
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hello visitor, this is NetCells, 19 years on the Internet and counting. our purpose in life is: 1. seeking out Creativity in all its forms and places our network is made and run by creative people for creative people, worldwide. browse and ›search our Users creative content OR, if you consider yourself a creative person, show us what you do and, if seen as compatible with our existing Users, we will show it on this site, without any obligation (on either side). 2. supporting our Users our Users run their sites and manage their data via User Zone (NUZ) - we help them with all aspects of their web presence. their web v...
Netcells User Sales Agreement (PayCell )
Definitions This is the legal agreement between ›Netcells Ltd (Company) and the User of the Netcells network (Seller) who sells products or services (Goods) via the Netcells payment system (PayCell) and pays a fee (Percentage) for use of the system. Continuation This agreement is an extension of the Company's standard Terms and Conditions, the Seller, being also a User, is bound by all User rules, as seen on: › Purpose The purpose of this agreement is to enable the Seller develop independent, Internet-based, commercial activity based on his/her products, skills or expertise, in line with missi...
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We develop Products for our Users, and we are also the Users.
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STARTCELL - fast, economical and risk-free web site launcher from Netcells StartCell is our tried, fried, washed and dried fast site launch package, dating back to 2002. Your new site will be up and running in a day or two, the content editable by yourself from start, independently from the page design. Then you should take time to develop and fine tune your site's content and look. Includes basic page design, domain name and site hosting, prepaid for one year. ------------------------------------------ this site is being radically re-designed and will be re-launched soon... ...meanwhile you can order your Startcell...
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NetCells fully support the European legislation, known as GDPR, designed to counteract global data grabbing and misuse. this page is more than a few bland statements that you have probably bombarded with - it addresses each one of the main points of GDPR. those issues are complex and evolving - this page will update accordingly. don't forget, in the long term the effectiveness of GDPR depends on YOU handling your data responsibly - when you use "free" email service, when you are using this or that "social" network you are generating data about yourself and about all other people you interact with, today's giant corporations hav...
hello visitor, this is the current summer special offer from NetCells, until the end of August: free responsive page design for your precious ›0Cell ... make an image or send us a screenshot of your preferred layout and we will realise it - within 10 days maximum - at 0 cost. that layout will work on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone - any errors you spot will be fixed. order now!  or  buy your 0Cell!...