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Startcell : One-Step Web Launch Solution
Easily get a domain name, hosting and initial design within 48 hours.

Acquiring a spot on the internet is a must - but usually it can sometimes be more than a hassle.
With Startcell, all you need to provide is a "Start" to easily acquire your place in cyberspace.

Netcells User Zone

Creating and maintaining a web site may sound daunting, but it's actually quite simple.

Don't like how the last sentence was written on your biography? Change it on your own - immediately - without the need of contacting the webmaster.

In addition to adding and changing the text on your Startcell, you can:

. Create new pages - or delete them
. Upload files, including images, spreadsheets and PDF's
. Sell items on your site (like your artwork)
. Add a list of links of interesting sites

... and more

You update your website (anywhere on earth) through an intelligent control panel.
Any alteration you do in you User Zone will be reflected on your site instantly, so everyone can enjoy.

Upgrade your Site

All Startcell packages come with a standard design. However, you can upgrade to a advanced design if the need arises.

Choose to brand your site with a clean look, simple design or an elegant motif by professional designers.

Get your website live in 48 hours

If you can write an email, you can create your own website with Startcell-- it's that easy.

Don't believe us? You can test run your own Startcell site, free for one month.

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