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Moving Image
Client: RBS
Here are two moving image films for RBS I worked on with photographer Dean Northcott.

I have been working as a props and wardrobe stylist in advertising for over 20 years.
For the last 5yrs I have also enjoyed doing more shoot producton and being a onset producer . I love all aspects of my work, from finding that perfect prop or
working with a super team to make the clients vision come true!
This has been my joy for sometime now and long may it continue!.
Working with photographer Keiran Perry
I was lucky enough to work with the brilliant photographer Keiran Perry , on a great test shoot. He had 4 great ideas of showing two sides to a story. Here are the 4 images.
Microsoft, here I come!
It was my great pleasure to work with the fabulous photographer Tara Moore, on a lovely Microsoft shoot!. Loads of shots to do over two days, with students, teachers and little ones! Great fun!
Here are just a few images from the shoot:)