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2011 = 500 EcFocs !
On 17th of August 2011 i made my 500th illustration for The Economist's Economics Focus column, or EcFoc, as it is known in the editorial circles - on the suitably big topic of the "eurobonds".
To celebrate this event a specially made cake was the least i could do - it was nice to share a glass with the head of Graphics Penny Garrett, see people i have not seen in years - it is all done remotely these days. Always a thrill to be contributing to a key global newspaper with circulation of 1.5 million...


The first EcFocs were made in the 90s for the deputy editor Clive Crook, the newspaper was mainly black and white, the world was quite different from now, well, time flies...
I will write more on this topic, once i have done some historical research, just in case anyone cares ;-)
Meanwhile, over 100 of the EcFocs can be seen on the link below - cheers !