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extending my photo app Photographed
taking photos is great fun but dealing with them later is very time consuming and that time is hard to find. some years ago i built a simple web application to manage my photos of people, i improve it whenever i find time, although the development work is continuing what's most important is already there - you can select your images and add data to them - that information is stored in the database and can be used in countless ways in the future - on NetCells, on my site, on your site etc.

# the main purpose of the Photo App is simply to deliver the photographs to the Persons Photographed (PP) while respecting everyone's privacy and rights (including mine) - the images are free to share, provided you don't change them
# the pictures are not intended to stay online forever, unless that's what you want (for example: the event is public and very memorable)
# the application has been in use for some years, but only by Netcells Users - now it works for anybody - although the Netcells Users have more options
# it is not phone app -- ie. there is nothing to download or install, however, it is fully usable via mobile phones and tablets
# the application is build on a freemium model - the core functionality is free, plus there are paid options
# the app is developed via NetCells, if you like it, you can show your appreciation by Liking the NetCells facebook page

when the images are shot, after deleting bad ones, i make them available via Photographed app - there are 3 modes:
1. the Folder is Private - only available to the NetCells Users, via User Zone
2. the Folder is Limited - only accessible with the Folder ID (FID)
3. the Folder is Public - images are visible to anyone

only the last 10 folders show on the Photographed page, other folders can only be found via keyword search (assuming those keywords have been added - you can request that) or via Folder ID.

further info about the app is on NetCells FAQs.


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