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today, one year has passed since i made my last Free Exchange illustration for The Economist in London and my thirty odd years of regular work for that great newspaper thus came to an end.
one year that i decided to take off - to process, reflect, re-organise and re-focus, while working on our BIG Marbella project.

i do miss, of course, the regular money transfers :-/ and, even more, occasional interactions with those well-informed and intelligent journalists, but, in purely economic terms, it was a disaster for a perfectionist like myself - tying me down for 2-3 days to receive payment that a London plumber (not to mention other "freelance" professions) can register in just a few hours - such is a norm in today's things "creative" - a tragic enterprise, as one writer put it.

so... what now?
i decided to continue making images for clients, but first, i re-make my web site - an essential instrument of communication. doing that is not a small task. with more than thousand images in database, plus thousands more in Folders, Search is important - still working on that. the main focus will shift, towards ideas, text, photography and my new project of Deep Cheques.
once i am happy with the web site we will see what market is there for things other than the dumb & cute, flat stuff, that's currently dominating illustration scene.