Jane Chapman : harpsichordist

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Bestenliste Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkriti
Jane's recording of The Oriental Miscellany received this important recognition, awarded by 156 independent music critics and journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

‘The harpsichordist Jane Chapman is known for her fearless advocacy when it comes to unconventional discoveries. The Indian songs transcribed and edited by William Hamilton Bird are a genuine trouvaille, one of the first, if not the first, examples of musical orientalism. This recording comes so lively, fresh and inspiring that musical knowledge and listening pleasure are equally guaranteed. Chapman always discovers new facets of the harpsichord, rarely has this instrument been more timely and up-to-date than here. In a nutshell, a hitherto unknown work is opened up and so gorgeously performed that one is lost in admiration.’
(For the jury: Guido Krawinkel)