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Photographed App
Photographed is the NetCells web application for dealing with photographs of people and events. it is under continual development, all comments and suggestions are welcome.

there are 3 modes of use:
View browsing: the images in Public Folders are free to copy and publish, provided they are not altered in any way. to copy a picture refer to your device instructions (on Windows it is right click and Save Image As).
Edit/Publish you can add data (caption, keywords) to the images and instantly publish them - that enters them in a database, so that they can be used later in a multitude of ways and locations. it also means that functions can be performed on the images (search, sort, filter etc).
Edit/Publish as User as above but from the NetCells User Zone - the published images will instantly show in the User's Blog.

# the application is build on a freemium model - the core functionality is free, plus there are paid options (add web address to the images, buy higher resolution, buy/sell rights to use images - the revenue can be shared with the Person Photographed (PP)) - ask for info
# each published image has it's own web address which can be easily shared.

more info from the maker