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Ali Lochhead

Writing is my passion and I'm mostly in my studio or in cafes scribbling away ♥ I'm writing a multimedia project exploring consciousness and also the unconscious, what I call the malignant ego; the compulsive, grasping mindset. I've journaled my own thoughts and experiences and I've taken the lovers path for the narrative as that was my own journey. I've also carried out extensive research, my web sites will house snippets of this work and a serve as prototypes for a series of novels and also a more detailed multi-dimensional web presence.

The spark for my project was ignited in my childhood. My English teacher at school, Colin McKay, gave me the confidence to go into journalism. I got my TV break on the oh-so-80's show Network 7

I went on to work as a News Anchor and Journalist for several UK news channels, B.B.C., I.T.N., and mainly Sky News, where I was also Technology Correspondent. My name was Ali Jack.

Jack was my stepfather's name and although I appreciated my stepfather I never really identified with him. Lochhead was my father's name. My dad died a few years ago and I was glad I had changed back.♥

I am proud of the work I did with Bono to highlight the issue of third world debt relief.


Meeting Nelson Mandela in South Africa and working with his foundation to highlight the helplessness of HIV/AIDS orphans, spending time with the children and with the people of Soweto and Orange Farm impacted me profoundly and in hindsight changed the direction I took in life. I was also privileged and honoured to meet and interview His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Prime Ministers Brown, Blair, Major and Thatcher, then President Clinton and Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan.


Although despite my commitment to honest news reporting,



it seems I am best remembered for getting a pie in my face!

In 18 years of journalism I met thousands of people. My dad said I was lucky. ♥

I met people who were homeless. Women who have been raped. Mothers whose children have been murdered. Abducted. Abused. I met paedophiles, rapists, murderers and murderesses. As well as meeting people who were dying of AIDS, I met people who were propagating HIV/AIDS for revenge. I've interviewed people who promote terror, as well as people who promote peace.

All of them touched me, some of them challenged me, but I gained a deep insight into the human condition, albeit it, at times, hard to fathom. My writings are an attempt to put everything I'd witnessed, all of these people's experiences into context.

A lot of people have supported me along the road. Thank you so much ♥ and mostly thanks to my wonderful children Laurel and Daniel. ♥ My guiding lights. ♥


When I'm not writing I'm learning the art of photography (both sides of the camera) and I enjoy drawing geometric and abstract concept art. I like to meditate, do a bit of yoga and I'm quite a footy fan. My love for life and my sense of adventure has got me into some scrapes and led to some great fun.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contribute in any way you'd like. ♥

Much Love, Ali.♥

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