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Extending the Zeitgeist idea
a new version of Zeitgeist will be produced during the course of each year. i am now working in parallel on Z20 and Z21, developing new techniques for creating such complex images. the central "geist" image is made from mostly symmetrical double image, a kind of Rorschach inkblot, set in space defined by perspective lines. woven into this are letters, numbers, graphs and other pictorial elements related to events of that particular year, some of those elements - modified - might be carried into the next year's image. those elements, with any related links will be listed in the final DC description - you are welcome to contribute.

here is what we have so far:

the chaotic central image, the unfamiliar new face of the world, part-human, part-insect or some other bioentity - see/read more on:

just started, it will not be completed until december. the "geist" image lines are somewhat more organized, the new world order in gestation. the virus ring has expanded - awaiting things to come...