Today, the technology, the political and economic changes liberate many of us from living and continually working in one geographical location. that's great but to do it successfully you need a base, some place you are familiar with, where you can set up quickly and work with ease. Timecell.net is serving a small private network of people who know, trust and like one another. it is focused on common interests, knowledge, good will, reliability and independence. this site will stay small while we extend functionality and build up resources. it is not-for-profit, the development being sponsored by the mighty NetCells network, Lo...
Links Paris
Here are some France and Paris-related links and our local info. languages:  English [e]  French [f]  Japanese [jp]  Spanish [es] German [g] Alliance Francaise - french language school and cultural organization [e/f/es/de/jp] 100 Kilos - 1 rue Brancion - one of our favourite local hangouts for food and drink Arte - quality Franco-German cultural TV channel [f/g] Arts Factory - 27 rue de Charonne - we are friends with this great local, amusing and often obscene gallery, run by Laurent and his partner(s). Beverly - 8bis rue Sedaine - cool local night club - music, cocktails and events Bibliotheque Nationale - Mitterrand's...
Here are the current regular places that serve our Users:

London - a room in a house in Central London, near King's Cross - for short or long stays
Paris - a self contained, tiny apartment in the fashionable 11e arrondissement, near Bastille - for short stays - up to 1 month
Valencia - a small purpose-built artist's house, 8 min walk from the city beach, 20 min from the city centre - for medium to long stays - up to 6 months

contact us if you want to stay in any of those places.