Genevieve Tester : realist

We Fell In Love
'We Fell in Love' is both deceptive in title and delivery.  You, as the viewer, might think  ‘oh no! not’ or maybe, ‘oh great! another mindful, meditative video of water and reflections but without the transcendental, soothing, soporific music’. You are, however, being misled. The installation, in conjunction with the 6 video screens and narration, is an exploration of how to tell a story, by altering the given and accepted formula. This version is currently showing at the HUB, One Hoe Street, as part of the Walthamforest Borough of Culture. There are two frames. Each frame, containing the 3 scree...
JEALOUSY “The most destructive of passions—it is a leading cause of homicide—and the least studied, it is, like all emotions, born of necessity, with roots deep in our evolutionary past. Its purpose: to help maintain intimate relationships...” Psychology Today "The paradox of jealousy is that we all want some of it," says Stosny. It's a measure of commitment. "In small doses it's an expression of caring. Jealousy is like a way of testing whether it's safe to invest more emotion. It's safe when a person cares enough to be uncomfortable. Jealousy is a fear of losing something you perceive you have—the affection, the fi...
'Burn a Jelus Tho't'
A collapsable booth creating an intimate and private space By taking a scroll, focusing on a jealous thought and burning it, it aims to be a thought provoking, symbolic, proactive statement. All made from porcelain a miniature porcelain version of 'Burn a Jelus Tho't' which includes the scrolls and candles. No longer young, pretty and pert drooping, inflating, unravelling in places I never knew existed feeling feelings I never felt before I was becoming old and invisible jealous of all the beautiful youth that crossed my path I saw the lust in his eyes… "What is making me jealous?" "What ...
'I am that Prickly Rose'
'I am that prickly rose' a porcelain floating, mobile sculpture.

It's about fragility and resilience. Dipping roses and wild flowers from my garden in liquid porcelain and then fired.

...And so Man created God in his own image… or is it the other way round? Geneviv 06.18

'Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo' Orson Wells

New works in progress
When my father died in he left me an envelope, my only inheritance. And what a lovely gift it was! This envelope contained information about my grandfathers side of the family that was rarely spoken about. I suddenly understood why I was like I am... A proof that genes are actually stronger than nurture!

'Brain Tester'
Researching chemical imbalances in the brain caused by PTSD...

an interactive installation with the very tasty thyme based Middle Eastern condiment, za'atar.

'My Birthday Party featuring Masking Tape'
a 3 minute video, a bit of fun after all that intensity!