Genevieve Tester : multifurios

E17 Art Trail 2019 June 1-16
A Multifurious Experience
taking place in my garden
with multifarious interactive installations

‘Obsession with Perfection’
a humorous take on selfies through a zoetrope

‘Burn a Jelus Tho’t’
is a site specific, interactive and mindful personal journey delving into the ‘negative’ side of human nature focusing on jealousy and envy. This will hopefully lead to a positive understanding, an awareness of and addressing our shortcomings.

‘We fell in love’
3 screen video installation capturing life on water

‘I own you, you owe me’
a porcelain and wire wool hanging sculpture, interpreting interpersonal relationships.

‘La Boule de Haine’
a recorded narrative of a 12 hour personal experience. You'll listen to it while sitting in a 60’s comfy retro chair under my beautifully cherry ladened tree.
If ripe you can eat some... they are very sweet and huge!

'What makes a land holy'
an open dialogue with the aid of kodak slides and a notice board.


June 1-16th