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We Fell In Love
'We Fell in Love' is both deceptive in title and delivery.  You, as the viewer, might think  ‘oh no! not’ or maybe, ‘oh great! another mindful, meditative video of water and reflections but without the transcendental, soothing, soporific music’.
You are, however, being misled.
The installation, in conjunction with the 3 or 6 video screens and narration, is an exploration of how to tell a story, by altering the given and accepted formula.
This version was showing at the HUB, One Hoe Street, as part of the Walthamforest Borough of Culture.


There are two frames. Each frame, containing the 3 screens, has been edited so that each screen shows the same footage, but a few seconds later. It reveals the change in light/ circumstance within such a short space of time. It has been edited as a narrative in itself with each shot relating to one another.
When I switch the two frames on, they create a different interactive scenario as the two frames will start at a different time from one another.
What is unusual or 'different' is that each individual viewing is going to be absolutely unique. You, as the viewer, will watch the videos at a random point when the narration begins and experience the piece like no other by juxtaposing the visuals and narrative.

You have the choice of how to experience the installation.

you can:
only listen to the audio
only watch the video
you can listen, then watch
you can watch, then listen
or watch and listen at the same time…

Its your call.


The installation has been exhibited in different ways:
exhibited in East India Dock 2017
exhibited in Norwich 2016

Listen to how 'We Fell In Love'.