Genevieve Tester : multifurios

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Searching thesaurus for a word that describes my ethos, multifarious
popped out of the page. Being boisterously active and multi-skilled,
I changed the a to u.

I am intuitive, inquisitive, inventive and thrive problem solving.
Surpassing many hurdles throughout my life, I use these experiences to
explore the why’s, how’s, finding healing through creating.

I never know how my work will evolve. The inspiration comes from a moment,
an experience, a thought, an observation. I ruminate and slowly begins to
take shape.

I am constantly experimenting, creating, designing, researching, observing
and learning.

I multi-task using whatever medium that suits the topic/ theme.
I like to get my hands dirty,
to touch, mould the materials as well as sit behind my computer editing
the footage I shot, keeping my hands clean.