Genevieve Tester : multifurios

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1. The installation has two zoetropes.
2. The two zoetropes sit on top of the carriage
3. and are manually operated by a handle on each end of the carriage.
4. One person at each end independently turns the handle
5. and as the zoetrope spins
6. you look through the slots
7. and the animations come to life.
8. The smaller of the two has six one second animation depicting the building of a web
9. the larger of the two has seven depicting the body parts.
10. You have to adjust your distance and speed of the spin to cater for differing eyesights

The zoetropes fit into the carriage for transportation purposes.

Playing with Inline Styles

And it all started like this:
During the first lockdown,
I noticed a beautiful web spanning the corner of my bijou greenhouse.
A tiny shy spider hung stock still.
I was transfixed and kept watch from a distance.
Over the coming weeks, Fred grew larger and larger.
I soon found out that Fred was actually Frieda
and what an amazing creature she was.
Frieda, my pet Orb Weaver Spider project was born.
This has evolved into a mobile, mechanically hand operated zoetropic installation.

How can we help?
Our gardens are a vital resource for wildlife, providing corridors of green space between open countryside, allowing species to move about. UK's gardens provide more space for nature than all the National nature reserves put together.
Spiders are very beneficial because they will catch and eat a lot of pest-type insects.