Genevieve Tester : text

'Burn a Jelus Tho't'
A collapsable booth creating an intimate and private space

By taking a scroll, focusing on a jealous thought and burning it, it aims to be a thought provoking, symbolic, proactive statement.

All made from porcelain

a miniature porcelain version of 'Burn a Jelus Tho't' which includes the scrolls and candles.

No longer young, pretty and pert
drooping, inflating, unravelling
in places I never knew existed
feeling feelings I never felt before
I was becoming old and invisible
jealous of all the beautiful youth
that crossed my path
I saw the lust in his eyes…

"What is making me jealous?"
"What am I afraid of losing?"
"What am I trying to keep?"
"Why do I feel threatened?”
I asked myself.

It triggered a journey in facing my insecurities, old age and death.

I learnt to embrace all my sagging nooks and crannies and losing the fear.

And I began to understand the complexities of human nature…

‘Burn a Jelus Tho’t’ was born.

My work is in no way a self help site nor is it here to give advice or help in any form or way. I am not a psychologist nor therapist, but simply exploring the darker side of the human psyche and attempting to understand basic human emotions and interactions that can reek havoc in all our lives.