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Zoetropic Installation safely delivered
Zoe 1 is fully operational in Manchester University since 8th January 2020. Zoe 2’s unveiling is on the 10th March 2020.
today, one year has passed since i made my last Free Exchange illustration for The Economist in London and my thirty odd years of regular work for that great newspaper thus came to an end. one year that i decided to take off - to process, reflect, re-organise and re-focus, while working on our BIG Marbella project. i do miss, of course, the regular money transfers :-/ and, even more, occasional interactions with those well-informed and intelligent journalists, but, in purely economic terms, it was a disaster for a perfectionist like myself - tying m
About MuMaGi
What you are about to read contains no references, it is not academic text, but it contains statements that are not isolated thoughts, I am not in academia, I am part of the alternative intellectual circuit, those who break the rules of academia in order to progress human knowledge, unfettered by the conventions of presentation and conformity that academia imposes. In line with this academic references Stanford Winter, Michael Foucault and others can be found to tally with the things I am saying here, a full list of links will be published here a
E17 Art Trail 2019 June 1-16
a multifurious experience with multifarious interactive installations taking place in my secluded, sumptuous garden
Tomkowski strikes again!
i dutifully keep a page on my site dedicated to my old friend Tomkowski and he was inspired by this to write something in English! i only helped choosing the right word here and there - a good opportunity to improve my Polish, as well :-) so, here it is -- the world premiere of Whack It! - a great little story - by Jan Tomkowski: Whack it! Fuck it! - Trash this world! Nothing was going right - as usual. Should I look for a cord - to hang myself? I was hoping for better advice. Went to visit my Guru - and he said to me: What? the whole world
Tomkowski's new novel
my old friend Tomkowski sent me a dedicated copy of his latest novel - Jesień (Autumn). this has accompanied me on a long drive from London to Marbella. it was strange to read a book again, especially one written by a friend, after many years of not reading books (and the entire youth spent devouring books)... i am still thinking about this and will post my conclusions here. meanwhile, here is Jan, signing: Jesień (in Polish) can be obtained from a cutely-named portal ›
The Hub, One Hoe Street,
'We Fell in Love' was showing at The Walthamstow Borough of Culture Hub, One Hoe Street. very pleased with all the positive responses!
Open Studios
1st June 6-10pm, 2 & 3 June 2-6pm, studio 23, Unit 5, Euroart Studios, Gaunson House, MARKFIELD ROAD, TOTTENHAM, N15 4QQ euro, +44 (0)7802 502136.
Art Battle London
18th November Rolf and I have been selected to fight out our artistic difference with 8 others. Its in the Vaults, Waterloo. I am ready!
'BLOOD' Lest They Forget
Art4Grenfell auction on the 25th October all proceeds go to the survivors of Grenfell tower. It should not have happened and it should not happen again.
AI: Ethics, Philosophy and Spirituality
This weekend Jac and I drove all the way across Germany, from Paris, and parked up on the banks of the Danube in Austria to cover ARS Electronica Fesitval , the festival for Art, Technology and Society in Linz. Over a thousand artists, scientists, techies, hackers, activists and entrepreneurs are in town to exhibit and perform around this year's theme of Artificial Intelligence. The festival examines our relationship with robots, our hopes and fears around AI and what it will mean for us - but it also plays on AI as the Andere Ich, the Other I - and p
Photographed - fast publishing of photos
yes, the best use of images is via a database but that is slow and new just images keep coming - in 100s and 1000s. besides, which images to publish? when people are involved it gets complicated. i have now added a new tool to my photo app - QEdit (this is a working name), where images can be be quickly published just by copying them into a new folder. other folders can also be created, currently one where you can put images you want deleted but other options will be added. the lack of database limits the scope to just array() functions - the images
Here are two images from a super shoot I did with the lovely Photographer Paul O'Connor for Wimbledon! It was such fun to walk down the street with the tennis guy head:) Yummy Strawberries and Ice Cream:)
This has got to be one of the most fun shoots ever with the amazing Photographer Dan Burn Forti. I was lucky enough to produce this for the fabulous production company ManaMedia Uk. It was just a dream team, and I learnt so much throughout the whole shoot. It was my first job for them producing and this was such the perfect job for me ! I felt so lucky to have been asked!
Oh such a super lovely day with lots of little ones, with fabulous Photographer Jo Sax for Sainsbury's. I wanted to take this one home:)
What a fun day in this amazing place for kids with Photographer Jo Sax.
Last summer I was lucky enough to work on several lovely images with Photographer Paul O'Connor for M&S. It was a super fun shoot to work on with such a lovely team. Here are just two images from that shoot, and I must say it was such fun building the kids tent:
Strangers. An interview with Jiwei Han
In my heart I love to know strangers, communicate with strangers, or to have some kind of relationship with strangers. I think this project is based on the innermost expectation of connection with strangers. But in Beijing's undergrounds, people are crowded together exaggeratedly, shoulder by shoulder, face to face. A girl's long hair can touch my face when she swings her head, I can smell the fragrance of the shampoo she used. A video posted by Jiwei Han (@jiweihan) on Nov 14, 2016 at 5:00pm PST Perhaps the distance between my face and a str
One piece is currently showing at: PER Westray, 346 QUEENSBRIGDE ROAD, LONDON E8 3AR and the other is hanging in: St Margarets Church, St Benedicts Street, Norwich as part of the Pride without Prejudice exhibition until 6th August.
Nat West Photographer Paul O 'Connor
Every girls dream! or at least mine:) For this super job for Nat West shot in Bath, I got to hire the most fabulous Roman Centurion costume, and dress my very own solider!. I love my job:)
Microsoft Photographer Tara Moore
It was my great pleasure to work with the fabulous photographer Tara Moore, on a lovely Microsoft shoot!. Loads of shots to do over two days, with students, teachers and little ones! Great fun! Here are just a few images from the shoot:)
New show at St Margarets Church, St Benedicts Street, Norwich
New show at St Margarets Church, St Benedicts Church Sunday 10th 7.30-9.30 all welcome to opening. On for two weeks until 23rd April
Shoot with Tim Barber for Airbnb
Before the crew arrived there was a moment of self-doubt and when I thought, "I can't do this". But then I went to the crew bus and met Amanda, a beautiful soul and a great make-up artist who exuded warmth and put me at ease straight away.♥ The crew was just fantastic, great fun to have around and it was a real pleasure to work with Tim Barber. I thought it would all end up on the cutting room floor! Thanks to Jac for the photos, love and support and for making it all happen.♥ Tim Barber, Pho
"In this new paradigm of peace, there are many contributors," Phil Vernon explains. The organisation he heads up has nearly 30 years experience in the peacebuilding sector, but it's still only achieving about 5% of what could be done, he estimates, perhaps modestly. "Most of the work has to be done by people who don't see themselves as peace builders," he says, "Such as the artists here...." We're chatting at the opening of #ART4PEACE, part of a month-long festival of art, comedy, music...put on by International Alert. The exhibition, "Peace from
Is ManKind?
Is ManKind? Asks the Airbnb ad. "Are we good? Look through their windows so you can understand their views." And what's the current picture? We see 3 year old Aylan Kurdi lying dead on a Turkish beach. Thousands of people have died on the mediterranean crossing, fleeing wars in the Middle East. And for those who get to Hungary? We see hundreds trying to board trains in Budapest, being hit by helmeted riot police. The refugees are trying to get further north to Germany, which believes there's a moral duty to accept those fleeing genuine peril. And if the
El Ultimo Grito - Rosario Hurtado explains the philosophy behind her part in the the fig-2 run at the ICA studio in London.
"I think it's madness!" Rosario exclaims when I ask her about the current architectural policy in London. "But that's part of our work, Roberto and I, it's not just about creating things, it's about understanding the world around us, things that don't make sense to us, it's philosophical." The duo, who've been lovers and artistic soulmates for over 25 years are currently exhibiting at the ICA studio in London. El Ultimo Grito are the 33rd show in the fig-2 project, which hosts fifty exhibitions in fifty weeks. Their work's inspired by the young,
RawTag and Adriana Chavez for the sustainability in terms of Art and education. Fast Fashion Pollutes our planet.
I want to specially thank Artist Carmen Lamberti for having invited me to be one of her team. RAW TAG is Art, Education and Sustainability. Yes I am an Artist, I can also prove that I was a good university educator, but I had defenitely never been a person related to sustainability, further than getting mad about canned food or not finding black seeds in the red summer watermelon. I have kept many clothes of my youth, I still wear them, but now I have a good reason to tell the world that my grandmother was the best fashion designer in G
The chief characteristic of the goddess in her crescent phase is that she is virgin. Her instinct is not used to capture or possess the man whom she attracts.She does not reserve herself for the chosen man who must repay her by his devotion, nor is her instinct used to gain for herself the security of husband, home and family. She remains virgin, even while being goddess of love. She is essentially one-in-herself. She is not merely the feminine counterpart of a male god with similar characteristics and functions, modified to suit her feminine form. On
Convertirse en BU-BU. Adriana Chavez Garcia-Rendon. Científica de la Comunicación por la UAM-X.
Atentando contra las leyes del método científico, que me inculcó un cuidadoso protocolo de investigación que arranca con la formulación de una hipótesis y la construcción de sus marcos epistemológico y teórico, inicio este divertimento del revés, con las conclusiones, confesando sin más para mis lectores menos pacientes: BU-BU (Burgués Budista) es un término ácido que no ataca al budismo sino a los ingenuos reconvertidos que, en situaciones que no saben controlar, estallan en acciones contradictorias e irrespetuosas para con sus recien
the price of the Free
human relations were always rooted in Reciprocity. until now. the new Internet-based economy enables massive, global-scale delivery of goods, information, functionality - advertised and widely accepted as "free". but, there is nothing free in business, if the product is free it's because you are the product - say the programmers. the fundamental problem is that without Reciprocity not only economic but also social structures tumble, like a house of cards... and this is what we are seeing, everywhere within Internet's reach. the true cost of you
extending my photo app Photographed
taking photos is great fun but dealing with them later is very time consuming and that time is hard to find. some years ago i built a simple web application to manage my photos of people, i improve it whenever i find time, although the development work is continuing what's most important is already there - you can select your images and add data to them - that information is stored in the database and can be used in countless ways in the future - on NetCells, on my site, on your site etc. # the main purpose of the Photo App is simply to deliver the p
Heathrow Airport
This year started off with a fabulous producing and production job for Heathrow Airport! Working with super agent Jo Clark and her wonderful photographer Craig Easton, it was such a great fun shoot to work on! Here are just to shots for the series.
BT Library
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to produce,style and prop a super shoot for lovely photographer Caroline Irby, for BT. Here are a couple of shots from a truly great shoot!
Jane Chapman, harpsichord, Oriental Miscellany, Hindustani Airs, Leverhulme Trust,
Jane Chapman's recording for harpsichord of 'The Oriental Miscellany' will be released April 2015 on Signum Classics (SIGCD415). This unique disc explores the first published transcription of Indian vocal music in Western notation, taken from live performance. Published in Calcutta in 1789 it was considered an important historical source, reflecting Western fascination with the East, and the vogue for Hindustani Airs.
Wide empty beach Two surfers, heads glistening like seals in the morning sun Silver slivers of sand creeping like fingers between the jagged rocks Inviting memories of footprints through the years My birthday When we sat in the cave and ate cake The sea fog huddled round us like blankets It was the hottest day of the year But not there Golden evenings cooking on the fire Smoke clinging to salty skin Damp towels and sea curled hair And IKEA bags The night we stayed too late Singing on a sand bank As the tide came in around our toes Mad scramble up the cl
Slipping away
I can feel you slipping away As the light drains from the sky Fingers running through dusty hair You turn your face to the wind Pulling down your shutters to keep out Any thoughts of me Drowning under mountains of washing and odd socks You move forward alone Head bent against the bitter wind Drill and saw your lullaby Cool marble heads your companions Watching silently as you sleep As dawn breaks will they fight your corner? I would wait for you till summer Until your ship comes in And tall grasses jostle in the spring breeze Whispering your name If yo
Miserable Old Men
I sit here at this place And Look around myself I feel the old fear comfortably settled on the few tables Stools, people. Some miserable old man looks at me from across the room Into my eyes But, through my brain and my soul Past the dirty wall behind me and Into the abyss beyond. As I watch back, he doesn’t move And his drink is almost empty And mine was once full.
Good old fashioned none sense, but thats for you to decide.
I smoke my cigarette, I gaze at the dead crimson flower lying lifelessly, limp upon the table, the smoke rises, my ring shines, I hear the freshly started conversations of those around me, they all seem so… well, into it, although I couldn’t possibly care less what they are talking about, I hear them laugh. I laughed today, I laughed a good deal, and maybe made a bad one ‘hahaha’, I laugh in my head and press my numb hands to my forehead. ‘Damn, sometimes I make some fucking bad choices’, I cant help but giggle again in the back of my mind.
About my personal process of creating in Contemporary Art
I needed a point where to start from. The Art Critic Montse Hormigós, who was commissioned by the Univertisy of Valencia to analize and comment my work, focusing on two of my main Video Art pieces: "Necrosemantica" (1988) and "La Republica de Addy" (2012). The day we met, Montse and I enjoyed of the sun on the terrace of my beautiful house in Valencia (now I live in a dark dirty room in London) and we had a long talk about life and Art. I would start from "La Republica de Addy" and support my background over "Necrosemantica" theoretical basis
Eskuz ala Makinaz ? - my interview for the Aldiri architecture magazine
this morning i received a printed copy of Aldiri architectural magazine with my interview, done in June. it is all in Euskara (Basque) language, `eskuz ala makinaz´ means `manually or mechanically (automatically)´. the cover - suitably stark - features the black and white version of my `robot-vendor´ image, made for The Economist in 1997. the interview idea came from my great friend Kepa Iturralde, now based in Munich. full English text, Aldiri site and Kepa's profile on the links below.
"El hombre se contempla" by Adriana Chavez "Men stare at themselves"
It was in the late eighties (1988) when I won a contest at Universidad de Valencia for my documentary project "EL HOMBRE SE CONTEMPLA". I was taking my first doctorate course in Publicity and Mass Media after my Social Communication Scientist grade in México City, where the most avant-garde learning techniques opened my mind to a wide range of critic thinking skills. No memorizing system was allowed in my University where all matters were discussed daily, in order to get the best researching and writing goals. So, when I entered the classroom in m
Russafart, culture against reality shows by Adriana Chavez
We all agree that the meaning of Culture is a concept wich envolves all human activities, from the way we percieve smells and flavours to the very high and sophisticated skills related to acknowledgement achievement. Every single human community has its own culture. Or, at least, it should have it. Globalization comes and brutally beats this fact. Since past century, -more precisely since news travel that fast thanks to the print invention in the XVII, and the newspapers take immages and tales from here to there trhough television- cultures have
Tanzo, Traditional Designs for Modern Living We are renowned for designing, manufacturing and sourcing the very best in clean, contemporary interior & exterior décor accessories. We collaborate with artisans around the world to create collections that reflect old traditions and the newest trends in modern design. Our style is synonymous with fresh, comfortable modern design in products that bring beauty to everyday living, combining function with style. We don’t claim to have invented the wheel, but we are constantly making it more beautiful. You c
Las Selfies de Adriana Chavez a propósito del transtorno de la Selfitis
Una de mis tareas como científica de la comunicación es analizar el reciente fenómeno de las "selfies" o autorretratos normalmente tomados con la cámara del teléfono móvil. Cabe preguntarse, a partir de un debate surgido recientemente en Los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, a través de su Sociedad Nacional de Psiaquiatría, calificando de transtorno mental el abuso de esta práctica: ¿Qué implica la comunicación a través de nuestra imagen? En esta era de no-discursos, de falta de relatos, el cuerpo se convierte en el principal de ellos.
Punch & Judy booth sets the scene at Puppet Planet
Look out for the new Punch & Judy booth backstage at Puppet Planet. Professor Baguette performs shows in it at parties and it's also available for hands-on training. 'Punch & Judy' is the title of Lesley Butler's next short film. Details of how to view the first film, 'Pinocchio', available soon. Watch this space!
El debate semántico entre los conceptos de "patria" y "país" en España por Adriana "Addy" Chávez
La cantante Mexicana Lüla Reyna en una de sus presentaciones: los colores verde blanco y rojo de la bandera mexicana, siempre están presentes. Los mexicanos aún no tenemos problemas con el concepto de "patria", o al menos eso es lo que creo. La bandera y la Virgen de Guadalupe siguen siendo iconos abrazados tanto por derechas como por izquierdas; por vanguardistas y por conservadores. ¿Por qué? En España, el debate semántico entre los conceptos: patria, república, y anarquía dividió a la sociedad en tres bandos irreconciliables. La patria
Adriana Chavez work in progress. Roomart 2014, K-lidoscopi 2013
Durante el último festival en el que mi trabajo ha sido seleccionado para participar, K-lidoscopi, mi conexión con internet era muy deficiente. No obstante, había entregado en DVD mi pieza de video-performance: Adriana "Addy" Chávez, consigue mostrar su obra "Incertesa" a pesar de su carencia de INTERNET (0,26 megas de subida ¡es una carencia! Cuidado con Orange: Además me han cobrado 25 euros por nueve llamadas a su número de atención al cliente. 17 de febrero. Adriana Chávez estafada por Orange: Velocidad de subida a internet: 0,26 megas.
Good news for the "x" by Adriana Chávez
photographer: Adriana Chavez IPhone Mexico has always been a avant-garde shelter for the world's artists and thinkers. Only one month ago I received a mexican permforming arts researcher. She is Claudia Marinclan, young and vital. During our first meeting due to lodge her or not, she convinced me quickly: her language, mexican spanish, is a great value for me as a scriptwriter. Using the "X" to avoid referring both sex genres in spanish ("her" and "His") is maybe the most useful contribution to the future of Spanish language. When debates talk about a
Los nuevos dioses por Adriana Chávez.
Photographer: Jac Depczyk En una reciente reflexión, escuchada de paso en la BBC sobre las necesidades espirituales de los serxs humanxs, recordé una conversación al respecto que tuve hace unos 25 años con un amigo sociólogo. ambxs opinábamos, llegando por caminos opuestos, que la etapa humana de espiritualidad llegaba a su fin. España vivía el posmodernismo con la soberbia del nuevo rico. La movida, decadente ya, aún lideraba la opinión de las generaciones jóvenes en el poder: vivir el momento y vivirlo al límite era la consigna. Recuer
Fotografía PHOTOGRAPHY antes de la crisis BEFORE THE CRISIS
ESTA SERIE: "Realidad en Abstracción" o "ABSTRACTING FIGURATIVE" fue realizada entre 2007 y 2008 como un deseo de jugar con la herramienta para deformar la realidad tal y como los medios de comunicación nos presentan la información. Hace varios años que investigo cuando un fenómeno social me llama la atención, en el sentido más estricto de la ciencia de la comunicación: me planteo una hipótesis, realizo un marco epistemológico de lo general a lo particular, investigo fuentes y campo, realizo estadísticas, ordeno los resultados y pruebo o no m
Fashion Show at Erotica
Participated in the Runway show at Erotica last month and featured some lovely new faces like PG seen below. Photo : Kash R Photography
my automatic, almost effortless and sure method to learn foreign language fast with half-a-brain
while learning Spanish i was occasionally meeting people for language practice exchange and often had to tell them this: hombre, one or two years is plenty to get fluent in a language, if you are not speaking it after 5 years you are either faking it or going wrong somewhere. learning a language is not much fun - using a language certainly is - get there fast! here is my method and i am a living proof that it works: 1. you have to put in the time - giving it 2 hours a week you are just trying to persuade yourself and your friends you are doing somethi
Latex feature in Hunger magazine
Had a series of great pictures published by Rankin in his fashion magazine "Hunger" taken both on Hampstead Heath and in a studio. Pictures were taken by Dima Hohlov and are very daring for a fashion magazine being closely influenced by fetish imagery. For full article look at a copy . Issue no05 Autumn/Winter 2013
Sissy Dresses
Just made a couple of Sissy dresses for a customer who prefers to remain anonymous. Thought they turned out well. Seem very reminiscent of my dolls dresses. Love them.
Student for Nat West
Had the joy to work with Paul O Connor on another great shoot for Nat West. The whole job was such fun. We shot a family and couples plus this of a student in her room at University .
Ameliorate - top cat of Greater London zone...
Working with formidable ›Jessica, amazing body and a great ability. More pictures coming in due course...
Ab Fab girls and John Cleese with Matt Hoyle on his new book called Comic Genius!
Dreams really do come true! I had the great fortune to work with my heroes the Ab Fab girls on this amazing book by Matt Hoyle!. He has shot some of the most famous and funniest people on the planet!. I also got to work with Michael Palin and John Cleese. Here is me and the girls plus great images of Michael Palin and John CLeese. Please check out the link to the books sites and give yourself a treat!
HRH Prince Michael of Kent. St James's Concours of Elegance 2013.
A fantastic event organised by Thorough Events, special thanks to Chrissy Campbell PR. Incredible cars and motorcycles a collection of historic, rare cars to rival any Concours in the world. In the photo with HRH Prince Michael of Kent is the Napier-Railton. A lovley sunny day,
New ads for Vodafone
Here are two images from a lovely shoot i did with Allan Grainger! Hope you like them!
Sharron Daly had great fun working on The Sun's Dream Team football Shoot
I have just worked on a fabulous stills shoot with Paul O Connor for the Sun Newspaper. It was was a wonderful mixture of a team of blokes who could not play football no matter how hard they tried!. it was such a fun shoot to be involved on, working with a great crew and characters!. Please take a look at my site to see some more pictures, but here are a couple! cheers
Adobe Subcription Backlash
I am pretty disgusted with Adobe who are forcing all users into subscription only to use their software. I for one will find an alternative to Photoshop, maybe Corel, maybe Pixelmator, maybe someone will finally come up with an equally good alternative to photoshop. Many many people will suffer. Small businesses, freelancers, struggling artists cannot afford the monthly fees. Many people only want to use one app not the whole suite. I hope that Adobe suffer badly and that thousands worldwide will crack the cloud version of Adobe Suite so that Ado
Forays In To The World of Modelling - A Stock Photograph Model w/ Jac Depczyk
... So I got there eventually, I took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong end of the road and ground to an excruciating halt in traffic, though there was nothing but green light, there was no movement. Luckily Jac is a lovely and laid back guy, the door opened and with an easy smile Jac welcomed me. So we’ve decided on round 2, but first I wanted to see what we’d got up to last week. I find myself kinda shocked at the first bunch, no make up and definitely in my mind not relaxed in the slightest. While my demeanour wasn’t showing up much ther
Alchemy - A Gilded Rose
Saturday, had a great shoot with Jac! Prior to that I'd been doing some reading and came across the defintion of a gilded rose in alchemic terms. This is what came up: Golden (or Gilded) Roses: completion of important project; perfection of oneself; invocation of cosmic energy; invocation of past masters The single golden (or gilded) rose is a symbol completion of the Great Work or of some consummate achievement in personal or laboratory alchemy. The Popes used to bless a Golden Rose on the fourth Sunday in Lent, as a symbol of their spiritual powe
bruce springsteen, confederate motorcycle
Bruce Springsteen on his Confederate bike.
She Gave Gasoline Article
She Gave Me Gasoline Craig Lynn Photographer Bruce Springsteen - Confederate “She Gave Me Gasoline” is a photographic project inspired by my love of motorcycles and cars. Bruce Springsteen was the first person I photographed for this project whilst we were riding in New Jersey. Craig Lynn - Moto Guzzi Eldorado 1972 Craig Lynn was born in London in 1959. He works and lives there. He studied photography at UCLA and Otis/ Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. Previous exhibitions include BLAST! at Subway Gallery-london,
Gothic inspired latex
Barbora Gazurova Sharuzen has just styled this gothic inspired session of herself in her native country bringing together Ectomorph latex and her own fantasy to produce these new images taken by her partner Michal. Barbora is a make-up artist and specialises in creating amazing tattoos. The last dramatic image was put together in Rome by Maurizio Matteucci
Drodzy rodzice: * Warsztaty w tym roku (lato 2013) bardzo się udały, szkoda tylko że byliśmy ograniczeni liczbą miejsc. * W przyszłym roku warsztaty na pewno bedą już miały przynajmniej jedno instytucjonalne lokum, co pozwoli na regularne zajęcia oraz na uczestnictwo do 15 dzieci w czasie jednych zajeć. * W międzyczasie serdecznie zapraszam na stronę Akademia Małego Muzykanta na Facebooku. Umieszczam tam raporty i zdjęcia z zajęć które prowadzę w USA, ciekawe artykuły na temat wychowania i edukacji, szczególnie muzycznej i wieloj
Informacje wprowadzające o Akademii Małego Muzykanta
Akademia Małego Muzykanta to krakowskie letnie warsztaty edukacyjne dla rodziców z małymi dziećmi (0-7). Prowadząca, Kinga Seremet, mieszka na stałe w Nowym Jorku. Specjalizuje się we wczesnym wprowadzaniu edukacji muzycznej i wielojęzykowosci w życie dziecka. Warsztaty wpisują się w filozofię rodzicielstwa bliskości. Skierowane są do rodziców (lub opiekunów), którzy pragną spędzić wartościowo czas z dzieckiem, ucząc się i stwarzając optymalne warunki nauki dla dziecka, równocześnie budując silną więź emocjonalną z dziec
Trend Prive
A new german magazine featuring the work of photographers and designers has just been published called "Trend Prive" published by Catalina Magee w. Inside Ectomorph has a privileged mentioned in conjunction with the work of Grant Ibtasama Masruuq. The magazine is both an online publication and as a hardback copy. The article features this image:
Rubbercult 3 Youtube film
Great little film put together by dirtboxmedia on Rubbercult 3 which included snippets from the EctoMorph fashion show held there: ""
Rodzicielstwo bliskości.
Akademia Małego Muzykanta wpisuje się filozoficznie w szeroki nurt rodzicielstwa bliskości. Artkuł cytowany w całości z Wikipedii: " Rodzicielstwo bliskości (ang. attachment parenting) – termin utworzony przez amerykańskiego pediatrę Williama Searsa, określający filozofię rodzicielską opartą na zasadach teorii przywiązania w psychologii rozwojowej, która mówi, że dziecko tworzy z opiekunami silną więź emocjonalną, mającą wpływ na całe jego przyszłe życie. Wrażliwi i dostępni emocjonalnie rodzice pomagają dziecku zbudowa
Przegląd alternatywnych filozofii nauczania
W tym blogu zebrane są opisy najbardziej popularnych alternatywnych metod nauczania: Montesori, Waldorff (zwany też metodą Steinera)i edukacja demokratyczna (najsłynniejsza szkoła to Summerhill, w Anglii). Określenie "alternatywne" stosowane jest w wąskim znaczeniu "odmienne od głównego nurtu", natomiast wiadomo że np. przedszkola wg. metody Steinera są bardzo popularne w niektórych krajach (Niemcy, Austria) oraz że wiele idei z alternatywnych instytucji przeniknęło do głównego nurtu edukacji. W wielu wypadkach Akademia Małego Muzykant
Przegląd metod nauczania muzyki
W tym blogu zebrane sa opisy kilku najbardziej znanych metod nauczania muzyki dla najmłodszych. Ulożone są według czasu powstania. Warsztaty muzyczne "Akademia Małego Muzykanta" są teoretycznie najbliższe metodzie Kodaly'a, a czerpią pomysły i inspirację z metody Dalcroze'a, Suzuki i Orffa. Artykuł cytowany z Wikipedii: "Rytmika Dalcroze'a (zwana również Eurytmią lub metodą Dalcroze'a) – system edukacji muzycznej dzieci polegający na wyrażaniu muzyki ruchem.Metoda stworzona została przez szwajcarskiego kompozytora i pedagoga Émile
Rivoli Ballroom
Shot some new garments in the beautifully conserved Rivoli Ballroom in South London. Used the lovely Juliette October who came to do the shoot despite feeling extremely unwell that day . It was a difficult location in which to shoot as the rooms were quite dark which added atmosphere but didn't necessarily illuminate the black latex to its best contours were sometimes lost. Darren Birkin did an amazing job with the location which he found. The venue is currently used for films and as a dance and music location.
Fashion show at Rubbercult.
Ectomorph launched some new styles at Rubbercult 3 on May 4th at a fantastic venue MaryJanes in EC3. Though the venue was difficult to present a fashion show we decided to make the most of the locations beautiful staircase and have the models walk through the crowds similar to the way in which department stores stage fashion shows. The models reflected our customer profile: maid's , larger women, older women , scene celebrities as well as the traditional fashion profile of younger girls. Images Zac Zenca
Latex Bedding
Ectomorph received another commission to make a set of pillow cases, duvet cover and fitted sheet for a client's bedroom. It turned out rather well and may now be offered as a standard accessory items. The items are stitched and so differentiate themselves from the many glued versions on offer.
Rubber Burkha
Just made my first latex Burkha for a customer. It was a challenge but i think worked out rather well. The customer wanted it made with the shiny side in and matt side visible , hence the dull appearance. Not the kind of thing EctoMorph normally does butit was great to do something different and the stitching on the seams give it our trademark look. The item is for personal use only and so won't been seen out in public
Chinese Year Of The Snake - Gold Snake Bracelet with Black Diamonds and Sapphires
Gold Snake Bracelet with Black Diamonds and Sapphires - £45,000 Longmire, Bury Street, London SW1
Mar la Fallera
During las Fallas i worked with a bubbly little star Mar - great talent, natural joy and spontaneity - we hope she stays like this! Paqui lived up to her role of a Fallera Mayor.
Paella Valenciana.The actual recipe by Susana!(Recepta per l’autèntica Paella Valenciana al estil de Susana Ferrer ;)
I’m going to tell you how I cook “La Paella Valenciana”. There are several ways to cook paella, but this is the most common. This meal has a nice secret and consist in cooking it with love and patience. The Paella is pretty traditional and typical of Valencia, and even natives disagree with the recipe. Exist a kind of controversy, but we supported it with good disposition. I cook different kinds of rice in the same paella-pan. Cooking and eating Paella is a social event, and its origins date back to when most people used to live the most of thei
Ella Kros visits London and models latex
On her recent visit to London Ella Kros stepped into Matt Christie's studio and shot a series of photographs wearing EctoMorph Latex. Her tiny frame was perfect for the short dresses and she was the inspiration behind the new military dress as military was her preferred choice of style Krystina had to design a new dress for the occasion.
Mach2 Fashion Show in Leicestershire
Cynth Icorn was EctoMorph's model at Mach2 Autumn 2012 in Leicestershire. Boundaries were broken with elements of cross-dressing hitherto frowned upon openly flaunted and enjoyed . Synth too innocently wore her masks to the pre-dinner get-together another sacred rule transgressed. Her bombastic style was a great addition to the normally low-key atmosphere at Mach2. The event was a great success and leap forward. Photographs taken by FetishClubPix
Crear un blog y alcanzar la comunicación.
Me gusta comunicarme con las personas y disfruto con ello. Netcells me ofrece la oportunidad de llevar a cabo algunas viejas ideas, otras nuevas y otras muchas que irán surgiendo. Estoy convencida de que me será muy útil a mí y a otras personas amantes del arte, la cultura, divulgación... etc. Realmente estoy satisfecha porque se que con Netcells lograremos: * Acceder al poder real de publicar fácilmente cualquier cosa y en la forma que queramos en Internet. * Hacer que nuestro contenido se muestre en primera página de búsquedas de Google.
Amsterdam Video of Fashion Show
See all the lovely girls modelling EctoMorph:Ella Kros, Ellegy Ellem, Milla Vie,Noise Noire, Señorita Pepita, Yolinda Vixen, Aurore Petite Sukub, Psylocke and Ramsesa Eros.
Rompiendo el hielo con HTMLy CB.
Lo primero que he pensado al tratar de aprender HTML, es que necesito un abecedario o un sistema de plantillas predefinidas para ir más rápido, (que seguramente ya existirá) pero me gustaría tratar de transmitir las sensaciones que ésto me prouduce "en vivo" es decir en tiempo real, y se que pareceré ignorantona en ésta materia para los que ya sepan como utilizarlo y comunicarse con el HTML. Para ir comentando los pensamentos e interrogantes que éste nuevo proyecto me produce, y queriendo ser fiel a ello, decido abrir un "cuaderno de bitácora
First Science Week in Quart de Poblet
CONTACT, película que ha sido proyectada durante la 1ª Semana de la Ciencia de Quart de Poblet, entre otras muchas actividades, charlas, actuaciones, exposiciones y eventos. Es éste un interesante film que abre un sinfín de dudas, cuestiones, reflexiones, planteamientos, etc. Es en definitiva, el anhelo del ser humano por saber y conocer sus orígenes y aún más saber cual será su proyección en un futuro. La protagonista interpretada por Jodie Foster transmite el entusiasmo y la inocencia por conectar con otros seres. Aparece como una niña in
Fashion show at Dominatrix in Amsterdam.
Met lots of fabulous models and people at the Dominatrix spectacular event in November in Amsterdam. Had the honour of model Sister Sinister walk down the catwalk for EctoMorph. She was the winner of the European Model 2012 that same evening. Other models who were first time EctoMorph representatives were: Ella Kros, Ellegy Ellem, Milla Vie,Noise Noire, Señorita Pepita, Yolinda Vixen, Aurore Petite Sukub, Psylocke and Ramsesa Eros. And all had their outfits beautifully shot by jacco ( seen below:
Factory backdrop for Latex
Shot some new styles in an abandoned factory in suburban north London on a crisp Autumn day with two lovely red-headed girls. one with a slight resemblance to Mary Portas Queen of Shops. Both were delightful and showed off the new lines beautifully. A new pale blue trench coat worn over the classic EctoMorph high waisted pants superbly modelled by Sara Scarlet whose legs seemed to go on forever. Sophia St. Villier looked amazing in the red Riding Jacket and pink Skating dress. Another vintage session in a remarkable London Location.
Riding Jacket
Received this lovely photo from a couple who finally replaced an EctoMorph jacket after 10 years. A testament to EctoMorph"s durability and quality!
Latex Shoot in an Urban setting in High Barnet
Shot some new and revamped latex clothes in a run down old factory which provided a great contrast to the polished latex. We used two redheads with very different looks to show off the versatility of latex. Model: Sara Scarlet Photo: Darren Birkin
Jane Chapman is Artist in Residence at King's College London
Jane is researching the 'Oriental Miscellany' which is the first transcription of Indian music for harpsichord from 1789.
South Polar Race Medal
Design and Modelling by Danuta Solowiej Tel: +44(0)20 7403 2226 Published by Sim Comfort Associates Engraving by Samantha Marsden Casting by Niagara Falls Castings (UK) Ltd Polishing by Elliot Fitzpatrick Ltd
Learning to walk & sharing essence of experience
It was a nice and short conection between them. It was for two years more, actually, he still has nice memories of him. Tio Pep was very important in our lifes. His paintings, sculptures and poems were his identity. Today he is at home, each time I see his art, he is with me...talking to me.
Women in countryside photography exhibition in Yatova
Hasta la población de Yátova, un municipio del interior de Valencia (España) de algo más de 2300 habitantes, han llegado 538 fotografías procedentes de todas las partes del planeta con motivo de la IV Edición del Concurso Fotográfico “Mujeres del Mundo”, edición que tuvo lugar el pasado 26 de Mayo y que fue organizada por el Centro Cultural el Maciz, perteneciente a ésta población. En ésta edición en concreto el tema se ha centrado en: Mujeres del Mundo en el Medio Rural. Me siento emocionada de poder escribir éstas palabras, pues qu
Generational understanding
86 years among them. Nice conection. José Sanz Miralles a painter of Velluters (Valencia-Spain). Poet and intellectual. One of my family jewels.
Cynth in Soho at Patrick Cox's Cake Shop
Cynth took a trip to Soho dressed in latex to gauge the reaction of passers-by. Few seemed perturbed by her appearance. Many enjoyed her visual display.
Who's afraid of the euro crisis?(In graphics)
The article explains precisely who have directly effects from the Euro crisis. It's not only those countries in European zone which feel the heat. Britain has also not suffered with the businesses and exports within European area...
Raynor Terror photographed by Mendoza
Another two little images put together in Mendoza's studio using a very versatile model Raynor Terror.
Samsung over take Nokai in phones
Samsung Electronics overtakes Nokia to become the world's largest maker of mobile phones and reports an 81% increase in quarterly profits.