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here are the last 10 User Links - as they come - not necessarily checked or recommended by NetCells. we block ones we see as not relevant here, as soon as we spot them...
Photographer without a camera (Arte TV)
a great (if sketchy) portrait of Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand, who reminds us that to photograph means simply to "write with light" -- no camera necessary ! (6 min)
expressive writing
Expressive writing for truama
A beautiful collaborative relationship.
A moving observation of the relationship between Jane and David Cornwall, who wrote as John le Carré, seen through the eyes of their son, Nick.
digitising Rembrandt's Night Watch!
Rijksmuseum web site full of fascinating details.
Devil's Algorithms
Bernard Stiegler (rather convincingly) calls Alan Greenspan a proletarian, plus, more treats...
illiterate writer
survived most of his pals...
message from Larry Brilliant
the man who eradicated smallpox - about the current pandemic.
Strelka Talks. Liam Young
What are some of the architectural and urban consequences of mixed reality? Dialing down the world, replacing architectural renderings, meeting Lil Miquela around the corner? In a new episode of “Strelka Talks” director and The New Normal core faculty member Liam Young speculates on the city of the future.
In Statu Nascendi's Conference Day 1 - October 2019
The Strelka Institute promotes positive changes and creates new ideas and values through its educational activities. Strelka provides brand new learning opportunities, while the City remains at the centre of the Institute’s research programme.