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0Cell is a very good tool for promoting your Product or Activity and improve your Internet position by perfectly legitimate means - and - at low cost -- all this while doing other, very useful things, like building your on-line content via database.
all you need to do is think of good domain name(s) and set up new site(s) under the 0Cell formula.

this works well because a domain name is the first thing the search engines look for, before any other things the SEO witchdoctors will tell you about.
your choice of the domain name is a crucial part -- try to think of a domain name that contains word(s) your clients might be searching for.
you can send us the list of your prospective names via the Board in your User Zone (NUZ), or, if you are sure, just add the new Name you want in NUZ > Account > Domains > +1, if you are a good User you will not even be charged until your next yearly invoicing round.

last but not least -- you can easily update and maintain all your 0Cells from one single page in your User Zone (NUZ), and, all the data you add can be used on any other one of your site. adding links back to your main site also improves your Internet visibility.

more information in What Domain Name should I choose?
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