From 1 Cell to Org:anism: NETCELLS trajectory in cybertimespace, since January 2000
embracing DeepCheque
the great DeepCheque project to feed Creativity is being integrated with NetCells facilities
new server in European Union
this server will also be used for collaborative development projects.
complete code re-write
major update, done entirely "in-house", based on our favourite framework
new version of User Zone
it is multi-level, chosen according to User's preference and ability
major upgrade to Cell and Blog
all content is now searchable and Comments can be added to all.
NetCells front page redone again
layout improved, plus new functions added - random User site, image from Working Folder.
New look again for NetCells front page
new colours and layout
our CellMate (NCM) program launched
explained on CellMate
Photographed is a useful online app for handling photo images
see and use it on netcells.net/photographed
Search in User Cell and Blog
we will extend and refine this very useful feature in due course.
User Forum in NUZ
any multi-User issue can be discussed there.
Invoicing is now automatic
Robots work well, we thank the Robots. this, of course, makes cheaper NC Products possible.
New look again for NetCells front page
we have ditched the fashionable Masonry layout opting for a cleaner, calmer look with random User content, feeds and quotes centered on Creativity.
Netcells becomes a not-for-profit
on train from Paris chairman takes the decision to make Netcells not-for-profit. it was that, effectively, since 2013 but now official. to mark the change Netcells is now NetCells.
0Cell is the great and very economical way to manage many sites: 0Cell.net
launched in 2016 it has been evolving very nicely ever since.
the revolutionary Product of 0Cell is created
0Cell - a supersimple embryonic web site makes launching one and managing muliple sites fast and easy - 0Cell.net
New tool for Task Management
TM (Task Manager) is our new User tool for costing, following and communicating while realising Tasks.
located in NUZ > Business > Tasks
complete with detailed instructions.
new look for the User Blog
more visual impact, large header image and a small User profile pic, re-positioned Archive section. scalable blog images.
new Netcells front page
based on the fashionable masonry js grid layout the new front page provides an informative insight into the world of Netcells Users.
finalising scalability
the Internet is now accessed mostly via mobile devices.
there were a few glitches with the Netcells public site working on those small devices -- now removed, if you know of any problems let us know.
archiving system for User Blog
the blogs can now be retrieved by month and year and, remember, you can blog "backwards" ie. set the Publish date in the past.
new look for User Blog
revised design - green and robust, mobile compatible, with the completely re-written stylesheet code, individually configurable menu at the top - ready for the range of new functions to come.
User Contact Form protection
we have added a Captcha to the User Contact form.
the captchas are annoying - true - but the way Internet is going we must protect ourselves and the Users from spammers and hackers.
Making Netcells layout mobile phone friendly
More and more people use mobile phone to browse web.
We made the layout of User Cell and Blog scale smoothly down to the mobile phone screen size.
Social networks Share buttons
Updated and improved the facebook, G+, Twitter and Linked up share buttons on User Cell and Blog
Word count in NUZ
While writing for the web it is good to know how many words your text is containing. This information is now automatically calculated and listed in NUZ 'Words' column, in Text, News and OffLine. HTML tags are not counted.
We had Worksheets for more than a year, however, they were only used by Admin, now any User can enjoy this very useful feature (NUZ > Business > Worksheets)
Dashboard in NUZ
Dashboard is a new panel, which welcomes User on login, it has links to essential Tools, lists important information and Updates.
Major Update to the Netcells User Zone (NUZ)
This has taken a while to accomplish but we cut the programming code by more than a half - which makes it much faster.
We have cleaned up and simplified the interface.
New CSS expert on our Team.
CSS web pages styling system and its implementation is a big headache (to put it mildly) - that's why everyone is using templates.
To design freely you need help of an expert that does nothing else than CSS - we now have that :-)
First version of Netcells User Blog
Our User Blog is very efficient with the search engines, certain to bring traffic to your site, if you have one.
New improved Sounds uploader
information can be attached to every Sound, so that it can be searched for.
1Cell.net demo site
1Cell.net is a try-and-play simplified version of the Netcells User Zone and a very cheap way to start a new website, entirely under your control.
New Images uploader
Thumbnails are now generated automatically, although they can be replaced with hand-made ones.
Design update
Major design update on Netcells.net, new front page, new Users Cell page, plenty of new features ( vertical positioning, prev-next, keyboard navigation, Comments, thumbnail pagination )
Netcells Blog
Our new Blog based on Wordpress engine goes live.
Image rating and click counting
Visitors can now rate any User image, between 1=bad and 10=great. We will be extending this to some Text items and Links.FAQ189
We also give our User detailed information about how often each image is viewed.
Missing image notification
When an image is missing on a page now the visitor can let us know about this with a single click. This feature can, of course, also be added to the Users' personal sites.
Site layout updated in css
The final phase of updating the site layout in CSS format had been completed.
We think this works pretty good, even though there are still minor glitches to be fixed later.
Payment facility
The facility for buying User Products and services has been updated. It works in 3 major currencies and can be connected to User sites, see FAQ30
Machine Translation
We have added machine-translation links to most of the text pages. This is not 100% accurate, of course, but can be pretty good, depending on the text, and, as it comes from Google it is sure to improve in time.
View just the image on the page
You know, how you sometimes want to see just the image, with no menus, or other clutter?
Well, we have added the "View just this image" link to User images, this will show as long as the image has a title, caption or date attached. Author's name and copyright info are still shown with the image.
Integrated Blogging via Netcells
Users can now see their blogs on Twitter and/or Tumblr on their Netcells page, simply by entering their network ID in NUZ, explained in FAQ146
We will be refining and expanding this over the coming months.
Design update
The public part of Netcells has been mostly converted to the CSS format. We will continue on this over the coming months.
Improvements to the User Contact form
Messages to Users can be sent as ordinary email (no need to log in to NUZ, with message copied to the Sender) or as a SecureMessage. The Sender's email is checked for correct syntax.
Plus, Users can show Skype ID, multiple web addresses etc, more info in: FAQ142
Expanding Links sharing
Share interesting, high quality Links and, in doing so, promote your own site and activity, as explained in FAQ293.
Major upgrade to the system
A major re-organization of the site's structure is underway. It will bring an easier to use site, with search engine friendly urls and simplified search mechanism.
Unfortunately, some features are off, until re-written in the new code format.
Object Oriented Programming
Netcells is now using CodeIgniter framework, for much higher level of functionality and programmer compatibility
Many improvements to the File Upload function
Contents of the upload folder are sorted alphabetically, filenames are checked and entered into the database automatically, the new Delete function was added.
Users - do some spring cleaning in your U-folders !
New image search mechanism
New Ajax-based interactive image search in the Users section is very fast.
Users - update your image keywords !
Hello Rich !
We are thrilled to enlist the programming skills of Mr. Richard Gwilliam, formerly a senior developer at Claranet.
Improvements to the Image display in User Cells
The size of the thumbnails can be changed.
'Next' and 'Previous' image buttons.
Advertising in the Listed section
The new Listed section will carry selected advertising and mini-posters.
Netcells group on Facebook
We now have a group on Facebook, set up by >Ric.
Show your support for individual creativity by joining our group !
Multiple Text versions
Second and Third version can now be added to each Text Item, this could be a different language or simply another draft of the main text.
And so, the Text on your Cell or Site can be shown in different form, depending on the visitor's requirements.
Major re-think of the Netcells interface and page structure
Simpler, clearer and faster
Expanding the Listed section
Any creative individual(s) can propose to be featured in the Listed section, their entry will be set up by Netcells, no computer skills needed, whatsoever.
New layout for the public zones of Creative and Listed
Improved layout and functionality in the User Zone, including new section - Business.
We are also expanding the Listing section of Netcells (now called Listed) - this contains short info, which can be easily updated via a simple form.
Major update of the Netcells Public Zone
This will render Netcells much more functional and user-friendly...
Major update of the Netcells User Zone
The great re-organization and upgrade of NUZ (Netcells User Zone).
The version 3 of NUZ is now fully functional, tweaking and troubleshooting will continue for some months yet...
Extending the Netcells search facility
Visitors can now search for user type (for example: writer, photographer, actor) as well as for images (example: girl, car) in the Creative zone of Netcells.
Flag images and attach release information
Users can FLAG their images in NUZ>Network>Images, plus, indicate RELEASE (Model and/or Property) - those parameters will show up in Network>ImageList, as colour tag and -, M, P or B
Multiple web addresses on Cell
C-Users can now have up to three web addresses on their Cell - if so inclined - for example their accounts on Flickr, YouTube etc.
Multiple Image Menus
C-Users can now categorize their images and have them show up in separate image menus - Portrait, Advertising, New Images, for example.
Troubleshooting help with uploaded images
If you have uploaded images to your Cell and they are not showing up - hovering over the empty image icon will now show the image filename - check it for spelling and case errors.
An uploaded image will not show up unless it is also entered into the Image database correctly (NUZ>Images).
Skype and multiple site addresses
Users can now add their Skype name and two additional web addresses to their Cell, for example list MySpace, Flickr address, or such like.
More addresses will be added according to need.
Cross Pollination
Image makers can make their images appear on other Users Cells, as well as their own and/on an external site. For example, a photographer's images show up on his/her model's Cell.
Public site upgrade
Major re-design of the public site interface including the new Business section.
Image Sales analysis tool
This database tool lists all images designated for sale, adds up all sales for a particular image and calculates average sale amount. Images selling more often and at higher prices are highlighted.
New Info Zone
This re-design integrates all information on one page and groups it into categories.
Form editing feature is added to the NUZ.
You can create new Forms and edit the existing ones, changing the data they are collecting. Forms can be published on your Cell and/or any site hosted on our server, they can be made to fit your site's design.
Multiple Lists in NUZ
Set up and edit multiple Lists in NUZ>Organize>List, be it for your own use, or you can publish them on your Cell or external site. The lists are sortable, searchable and you can define the column headings.
New Work gallery
With this great new feature the C-Users can publish their latest images in minutes to their Cell. The thumbnails, if formatted correctly also show on the Netcells front page with a link to their Cell.
Balance Sheet
Keep track of your incomings, outgoings, cost your project etc. in >NUZ>ACCOUNT>BalanceSheet.
Message Board for S-Users
The Message Board (NUZ>COMMS>Board), which has proved to be very useful for on-going communications between the User and his/her developer/designer, is now been extended to communications between a User and his/her S-Users (secondary Users).
Message Board
A new communication channel has been set up in NUZ>COMMS>Board, for the ongoing issues with site maintenance, design, development etc.
This is a simple 2-part notice board which can be overwritten as needed by both parties. It saves time opening emails and keeps all the relevant information in one place.
Update to the News publishing system
News published by the User on the front page of Netcells can now be set to expire at any time between 1 and 60 days (28 being the default).
Update to the Support Zone
The new Support Zone has three stages of support and incorporates the search knowledge base facility.
It is accessible on: >www.netcells.net/support.
Code Update completed
Moving to the new server and updating all the programming code to php5 was a considerable task, which took several weeks.
Appologies to those who experienced problems during that period.
Domain Name Certificate Generator
You can now generate an Ownership Certificate for your domain name in NUZ>Account>NetAssets, if you might need it for some purpose.
Change image background colour
Some images should really be viewed against a dark or a white background.
If you are on Photocell or Selfcell you can now choose between several background colours for each image ("i bg" field in NUZ>NETWORK>Images>EditImage)
Publish your project, from NUZ to www.netcells.net/projects and track its progress.
Secure Message
Secure Message is our new communication system, which allows the C-Users, or users who have their own site hosted on Netcells, to receive and reply to messages left in their NUZ (Netcells User Zone) via secure connection. No part of the message is sent by email - only a 'message received' note.
FAQ/Suppliers/Ideas - three new sections in NUZ
Add and edit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your site - in NUZ>Publish>FAQ.
Store and edit information on your suppliers - in NUZ>Organize>Suppliers.
Ideas is the new experimental section for playing with and organizing your ideas in NUZ>Network>Ideas. It will soon be developed further.
Secure Comms + Domain Name check and registration in NUZ
Check availability, check world records and register new Domain Names in NUZ.
You can also give us Secure Messages on whatever subject.
Major rationalisation of NUZ (Netcells User Zone)
The new NUZ interface is much clearer and easier to use, with additional tools, such as the TaskList manager. NUZ selectively controls content on user's Cell AND/OR the user's external site.
There are 5 zones: Main, Publish, Organize, Account, Network, each with overview page and submenu.
New Add Image policy
Photocell/Selfcell Cluster (multiple image) users can now add up to 12 images per calendar year, for free.
The images must be in web-ready format.
All other users can, of course, replace their single Cell image at any time they like.
After NUZ, SUZ
The Netcells users can now create their own secondary users (S-Users) and give them privileges (or not) to update their data and publish to the Internet via SUZ (Secondary User Zone).
Classify - new tool in NUZ
Use this facility to add and edit Categories with optional text attached.
Those categories can be used to sort you images, for example, or any other content on Netcells and/or your own site.
New Piccell.net
The new version of Piccell.net - online image resource site - is now running.
Most images are free for non-commercial use, in screen resoultion, under the >Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Licence.
Persons and Acts - new sections in NUZ
The Persons section lets you manage clients, contacts and collabrators.
The Acts (Activities) section lets you plan and publish event schedules, take bookings and sell tickets.
Extending the NUZ Image management system
Arrange, re-arrange Images, switch them on and off, SELECTIVELY, on Netcells and/or your own site. The same keywords and all other information attached to the image can be selectively displayed on Netcells and/or your own site.
Paycell goes global
Our online payment system now takes payments in three currencies - Euro, US Dollar and GB Pound.
Three separate pricing lists. Money remains in the payment currency.
Links Management on NUZ
Users can add and edit links on their site only (if enabled) or/and on the Netcells network.
New file upload facility
New, very easy to use file upload facility added to Netcells.net, Printcells.net and Startcell.net
Product Buying Zone
New Product Buying interface shows one or more images and a detailed description of the product.
Secure Netcells Join Form
All prospective user data is entered into the database via secure connection on: >www.netcells.net/join.
Netcells Resource Zone
All information about Netcells and Netcells services is now listed in one easy-to-remember location: >www.netcells.net/info.
Photocell search box
Image search box added to Photocell and Selfcell.
Ten last images shown
The index page of Photocell.net and Selfcell.net now shows the ten latest images.
Notes added to NUZ
Leave short notes in the User Zone for your own use or for Netcells.
Notes can be re-cycled.
LiveSite added to NUZ
Makes any site on our server easily editable from the NUZ (Netcells User Zone).
Devcell is formed
It's a Cell for designers and web developers.
Netcells becomes a limited company
Netcells becomes a limited company, registered in England, UK, no. 5121546
Deepcyberspace site is launched.
Any visitor can add a link they consider to be deep enough to belong in DEEP cyberspace.
Netcells become database driven
With this very significant upgrade the Netcells network becomes searchable and editable in seconds.
Printcell.net is formed
Printcell takes over from the Eyeball Print Shuttle delivering high quality publicity print via Internet interface.
First php programming appears on Netcells
The site is compacted from hundreds of pages into several.
Startcell is formed
Startcell is a one-step formula for launching a new website fast, cheaply and in style.
Netcells.net network is launched.
Netcells becomes a network of interconnected sites, all accessing one database.
Selfcell is formed
Selfcell is a new Cell for visual artists and egomaniacs.
Namecell is formed
Namecell is a Cell providing Internet services and products, such as design, hosting, and domain name management.
Piccell is formed
Piccell was originally conceived as a Cell for digital image marketing.
Workcell is formed
Workcell is a general purpose Cell for creative professionals.
Soundcell is formed
Soundcell is a Cell for composers, musicians and sound designers.
An Idea is born
The idea of Netcells was conceived in an airplane, en route from Athens to London, on the very last day of the 20th century.
Photocell is formed
The original Photocell.net was a simple html site showing photographers' work and their contact details. And so, Photocell was the fist site of the future network.