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0Cell is your very own web site in embryonic form, cheap and requiring no maintenance.

if you understand anything about the web you know that your own address, your own domain name is the fundamental part of any on-line project or activity. anyone can buy a domain name, and many do, but making use of it is much more complicated. it requires time, money, expertise, then more time and/or more money, and so on, and so on...
we designed 0Cell to remove those headaches - it gives you an internet presence in minutes, it is 0 maintenance, yet fully functional, and it costs only a few of your local currency units more than the domain name itself.
how do you make it? we set up the account and you simply log in to your User Zone (NUZ) then go to Publish > Sites - add the site name (url) and text there, add also an image and a background image, set colours and metatags. no traffic limit, no email, you are contactable via our SecureMessage system.
0Cell is essentially one page, but you can add static pages and connect them to the first.
we give you the basic framework, which you can modify by changing images and editing text. to change it further you can add your own css sheet, if you are familiar with that technology - with css you alter the look of your page considerably, but if you mess it up you can revert to the default simply by deleting your css code!

we kept 0Cell deliberately simple and that is what makes it so very useful and versatile - it is not a template, but a seed, a starting point, which you can take in any direction you want. ask us to add any feature or convert it into 1Cell - there you have direct access to your page code and your web space.
its low cost and simplicity makes it suitable for any number of domain names - all of them can be updated in minutes from one single page in your User Zone (NUZ > Publish > Text and/or NUZ > Publish > Sites).

acquire it via Products page.

by the way, 0Cell is still very new, it is steadily evolving and aquiring options - just ask us for any features you might think useful.

for reference, our 0Cell page shows the last 10 0Cells set up or modified.
updated on: 12 June 2018   copyright © 2020 Netcells Ltd
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