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yes, indeed it is.
just - don't forget - the revolution, as always, must happen in your mind - first and foremost.
0Cell is revolutionary because it overturns the currently predominant web development trend, putting it back on its feet, instead of its head. when you build a house you start with digging foundations or with choosing colour of the wallpaper?

0Cell is almost instant, costs next to nothing, yet it gives you a real web site, which you can take in any direction you choose.
use 0Cell to set up a site now, then take time to think, research, plan and communicate - we will help you with that.

above all, steer clear of complicated "website builder" software - that will only limit you in what you can achieve, long term.
this information is given to you in good faith. we seek to inform not to confuse.
updated on: 25 February 2017   copyright © 2019 Netcells Ltd
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