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Congratulations! you made the most important first step - keep walking! (once you have done the walking you can fly).

Go to NUZ > Publish > Sites and update your text that shows on your opening page - that is the most important part of your site, that is what the search engine 'spiders' pick up - put there a clear description of what your site is about.
Also edit your metatags (keywords), those are not visible to human visitors but are, nonetheless, important - you can also enter other data there - images, colours, notes etc - those are the design elements for building your site - update Publish > Sites as often as you can - that also is registered with search engines.

If you have a Cell - ie. a free page on the site you can use it as the testing ground for your site. Text is the most important part of your Cell, keep adding new Text Items in NUZ > Publish > Text, any of them can be published on your 0Cell, same with Links and Images.
But, basically, any data you add in NUZ can be used on your site, if you so choose, in any way you like, it is as simple as that.

Communicate with us via the Board - 0Cell is not a dumb template (although it can be, if you insist), we will help you to use Internet in a creative, intelligent and efficient way. With 0Cell you get free creative collaboration with our developer - within reason - we can do that because every new feature introduced adds to the value of the whole system!

Check this page from time to time, it gets updated as the 0Cell idea evolves...
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