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The difference between 0Cell and other web site building programs is fundamental. in fact, they have very little in common.
0Cell is far more valuable because it gives you LESS.
you can use the Less in 2 ways:
1. do less and enjoy or re-employ the time saved = there is nothing to learn, unless you want to
2. use your imagination to Invent and Create = we will help you with that!

this is in striking contrast with other web site building programs that try to seduce you with features and gimmicks and clutter your head with useless routines. remember, with those programs your imagination moves on rails, you can only do what they tell you to do, the most you can ever hope to achieve is a pretty looking copy of someone else's template!

building site with 0Cell is a collaborative action - anything can be done, if it can be done at all. you should take your time, think and decide what is it that you want and that you need, then communicate it to NetCells - we will help you achieve it within the 0Cell frame or carry you forward to other options.

0Cell is only a Departure Point, but if you want to stay there that's fine, you will not be wasting time because you exist as yourself and not as a clone or someone else's content.

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