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Photographed is a NetCells web application for managing photographs, it works pretty well on any device, and it will get better still, all data is stored on our private server, never to be shared or sold.
it was originally written for dealing with photos of Jac Depczyk but it is being extended to other Users. it is on:
that shows you the last 10 Folders added, you can find other Folders by keyword, with the Search function.

HOW IT WORKS (at this stage):

# access to the images is Public, Limited (accessible on unique confidential address) or Private (for our Users only).
# once accessed, the images are free to copy, share and publish, provided they are not altered in any way.
# once you find the Folder you have 3 options:
~ View - just browse images, to copy refer to your device instructions (on Windows it is right click and Save Image As)
~ Edit / Publish = add data to any particular image - this is the most useful option, as explained in FAQ221
~ become a NetCells User - that gives you a personal page and other options, like instant publishing images on your Blog - example
# you can acquire higher resolution copies and buy/sell rights to use images - the revenue can be shared with the Person Photographed (PP), if appropriate, see various paid options or ask for info.

Photographed is under continual development, all comments and suggestions are most welcome. if you like this application, Like NetCells facebook page?.
updated on: 11 October 2017   copyright © 2019 Netcells Ltd
Note: this item is over a year old, Answers get less accurate with time... contact us, if in doubt