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NetCells User Zone (NUZ) is our own interface for storing and managing data. its uses are multiple but, most importantly, to:
1 enter, store and modify data you want to publish at any time, selectively on your Cell, Blog, your web site - even if your web site is not built yet - or any other web site, if you so choose.
2 enter, store and modify any data, which is or can be of use to you, now and in future. gathering and entering data takes time, but by doing it you are creating value, which keeps growing, conversely, there no quick way to build a database of 1000 images or links.

NUZ runs on our private server, your data is not and never will be shared, sold or otherwise exploited without your knowledge and consent. at the same time you have an option to share some of your data with some of other Users.
NUZ contains a number of tools for mananaging your data and new tools can be built and added specifically for your own purposes.
your data in NUZ is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, otherwise known as the 'Cloud' - it was so long before that term even came into use. your data is stored in standard database format and can be transferred to any other database now or later.
updated on: 26 September 2017   copyright © 2018 Netcells Ltd
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