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WHAT IS NUZ ? Xclose
NUZ stands for Netcells User Zone - the interface for managing - via database - data for Users' sites and blogs but also other data, waiting to be published or simply kept there for other purposes.

NUZ is exclusive to our Users, it is not commercial software - that has important implications:
# NUZ evolves, but slowly, according to our needs - not for the purpose of selling units
# the code is neither public nor commercial, no security headaches, no need for updates - we do that for you
# NUZ is not a template, your site can look any way you want and we will help you achieve that
# we can write functions specific to your needs and simply add them there - free - if useful to other Users
# unlike other systems, NUZ gives you support - just tell us if you get stuck or something is not working

you can run a number of sites simultaneously from NUZ, including your site(s), Blog and Cell (User page on, NUZ makes building very complex sites and sharing data possible. your NUZ data is stored on our private secure server, in standard SQL format and backed up on regular basis. your site's content - is entirely separate from your site's layout, which can be maintained independently by our or your designer or modified by yourself via NUZ.
NUZ might not be as slick as StarBucket but the above mentioned features make it very productive in a long run.

the latest (5th) version of NUZ is accessible to Users on:
if you propose to become a User or if you forgot your password contact us via:

remember, NUZ is free to all Netcells Users, important information like your domain names and all invoices is stored there, it gives you functionality independent from (but connectable to) your site - your Cell and Blog - so, you can try it free at your own leisure.

if you have a web site hosted with us do not confuse NUZ with your site's Control Panel (cPanel) - that is industry-standard commercial software for managing your Site's functions, which comes free with our web hosting.
updated on: 27 November 2015   copyright © 2019 Netcells Ltd
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