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Ready to roll
with archive quality paper (Fabriano) stocked up and a logo-image stamp made, the system is now ready to print! the first DCDs will be allocated free to selected friends, notified by a courteous robot. at this point i must say that i am thoroughly enjoying this project, the response so far has been great, an
Update to the site
a significant update to the site, adding new information, plus text and image downloads and - yes - you can now order your DCs...
DeepCheque site launched
the site for DeepCheque project was launched in less than 30 min on 11th Dec 2017, using 0Cell facility from NetCells. i initially used but then decided that was much more elegant.
Deep Cheques have their origin in black and white, hybrid, computer-made, drawn and painted images made in the 80s, called at that time Informatics. those images were once exhibited at the Westminster Library in London and then used throughout the years in other, monochrome and colour, images, until 2017 wh