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CONTOUR with the LSO 6/10/18...
Step into new worlds and tear down your idols. Music meets dance, film and electronics in an evening exploring movement: the body, sound and geography. Built around the imagery of doors and the crossing of waters, we step into a soundworld of journeys and yearning through Kaija Saariaho’s ballet Maa, and Sohrab Uduman’s Breath Across Autumnal Ground, featuring celebrated harpsichordist Jane Chapman.
Three Windows - Listen to the album with Mark Wingfield and Iai...
Jane Chapman joins forces with Mark Wingfield, one of today’s most original jazz guitarists and composers. They are joined on Three Windows by saxophonist Iain Ballamy, weaving his own voice into this eclectic mix. Listen on this website. Look out for forthcoming album with percussionist Adriano Adewale.
Bestenliste Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkriti...
Jane's recording of The Oriental Miscellany received this important recognition, awarded by 156 independent music critics and journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ‘The harpsichordist Jane Chapman is known for her fearless advocacy when it comes to unconventional discoveries. The Indian songs transcribed and edited by William Hamilton Bird are a genuine trouvaille, one of the first, if not the first, examples of musical orientalism. This recording comes so lively, fresh and inspiring that musical knowledge and listening pleasure are equally guaranteed. Chapman always discovers new facets of the harpsichord, rarely has this instrument been more timely and up-to-date than here. In a nutshell, a hitherto unknown work is opened up and so gorgeously performed that one is lost in admiration.’ (For the jury: Guido Krawinkel)
Rituals to Mould her with - Kings Place London...
Twin composers Litha and Effy Efthymiou present 'Rutuals to Mould her with' at King's Place. A new multimedia work in collaboration with Jane Chapman, actor Esme Patey-Ford, dance artist Harriet Parker-Beldeau. Other performances include Handel House, London, Turner Sims Southampton, RWA Bristol.
The Tempest (Sound Affairs) 2016 tour...
Sound Affairs, renowned for staging strikingly innovative concerts and events featuring new music juxtaposed with cinema, theatre, dance and video for over two decades, present a new adaptation of The Tempest combining English music from the 17th and 18th centuries by Locke, Purcell and Linley the Younger with works by contemporary composers Michael Nyman and Charlie Barber. Enchanting magic lantern images are provided by visual artist Andrew Bolton.
Oriental Miscellany interview - Southampton blog...
Jane Chapman, our Turner Sims Fellow and principal harpsichord tutor, has just released a new recording of the Oriental Miscellany (1789) – one of the earliest publications of Indian music in the West. Here she explains the project and talks with journalist Suanshu Khurana from the Indian Express (Delhi). Her disc went to number 14 in the Indian iTunes Classical Charts (SIGDC415).
The Oriental Miscellany: King's College London...
Jane Chapman Artist in Residence at King's College London (supported by the Leverhulme Trust), researches the 'Oriental Miscellany' from 1789 and other works from the Foyle Special Collections Library.
some available solo albums
Various discs available to download
Indian Express: Oriental Miscellany article
Interview with Jane Chapman about the Oriental Miscellany and background to the recording and her life as a musician.
Jane Chapman Rocks the Harpsichord
Interview for the Wall Street Journal
Turner Sims Fellow at University of Southampton
Jane Chapman works with composers and harpsichordists initiating and taking part in new projects.
Trio Aporia...
Three leading performers acclaimed for cutting-edge contemporary and pioneering early music performances, exploring new paths that cross boundaries and classification. Stephen Preston baroque flute, Richard Boothby viola da gamba.
Royal College of Music
Jane Chapman - harpsichord professor at RCM