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How to sell Netcells to the end user
Netcells is aimed at creative and professional User, not general public, we do not chase small hosting accounts unless they have a potential to grow or bring publicity value.
Although many valuable features come free Users have to spend money to develop site-specific features.
Selling abstract technology concepts as explained above to potential customers can prove difficult, the ones who do not respond are probably best left alone.
In practice there are four things that an average business user might be interested in:
-- we provide a personal no-nonsense communication line, support and advice with minimum administration - time saving.
-- we give a cost-effective access to programming and database - this can be of great value to any business.
-- we offer constantly updated technology, flexibility and data security higher than mass hosting companies.
-- Netcells is highly-rated - being featured on Netcells as a creative or even a simple link from us brings traffic to individual sites.