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How to earn money with Netcells
Netcells does not have any salaried employees, but:
~ Netcells will pay anybody who brings a new hosting client one-off commission of 25% of the yearly hosting fee [>Hosting
~ if you are a professional with a number of hosting clients Netcells can give you 25% of their hosting fee on a yearly basis OR, if you prefer, buy your own space on our server and keep 100% of the hosting revenue - you will get industry-standard server management tools (WHM) and choice of software for client accounts in either case.
~ you can provide client-specific services you are good at (programming, design, animation etc) which plug into the existing interface.
~ once you are familiar with our User Interface, you can provide paid training and support to other Users.

In brief, you can use Netcells to set up and develop your own business operation. This can be done without any financial risk but not without a sustained focused activity on your part.
In principle, our system can be used for just about any on-line business activity and special tools can be developed, as long as there is some financial return for the company in the long run.
Netcells system substantially reduces the time needed to establish an online business, giving you functionality and connectivity, which has taken many years to build up.
Productivity gains from combining many related user functions into one database-driven user interface are obvious.
Potential also exists, soon to be exploited, for advertising revenue from the public site.