Jac Depczyk :

In brief - about Jac
i am a visual arts professional, extensively using computers, with decades of experience spanning science, fine art, illustration, design, programming for web (php) and a lot of - since 2006 digital - photography.
i contribute regular illustrations to The Economist newspaper in London and occasionally some other clients, such as Natural History Magazine in NY.
based in London, Paris and Valencia (Spain) I also travel a lot.

more information on ›JacDepczyk.com.
Aldiri interview
Full text of the interview for the Aldiri architectural magazine in Bilbao, June 2014, realised by Kepa Iturralde. 0.-Short biography. ................... I grew up in Poland, in the communist era, in a disfunctional artist family (filmmaker and fashion designer), studied, first science, then fine arts in Lodz. It was an interesting time, in the sense that there wasn't much to do - you could not run a business or diversely politicise - a lot of propaganda but no deadly commercial distractions. Therefore, we spent time dreaming, reading books, watching movies, debating, plotting... At t...