Jac Depczyk : cyberartist

TED - talk about Love
we define Love as sickness! a collaborative work of art is a much better metaphor.
the mysterious state of FLOW
classic talk about life worth living
Cortazar - documentary
financed by a bank -- they are good for something!
TED - hacking a mouse's brain
still trying to work that one out...
Rare Historical Photos
this great site is a must for anyone with a brain and a pair of eyes (you also need an Internet connection).
Photomediations Machine
a curated online space where the dynamic relations of mediation as performed in photography and other media can be encountered, experienced and engaged - says Prof. Joanna Zylinska.
2Cellos - live at Arena Pula (Croatia) 2013 (Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser)
my new friend, Santiago just sent me this...
2 cellos can do a lot ;-)
7.5 M views so far.
Quantum computing explained in 10 minutes
eh.. not really, but it's enough to blow to pieces all your preconceived ideas about the future...
Renzo Piano on TED
Beauty WILL save the world says Renzo -- lets hope so -- he is certainly helping.

found this nice quote on his company site:
"Knowing how to do things not just with the head, but with the hands as well: this might seem a programmatic and ideological goal. It is not. It is a way of safeguarding creative freedom."
nice site with interactive introduction to JavaScript, if you have a child or know a child why not give them something intelligent to play with...?
Elon Musk on TED Apr 2017
talk with Elon Musk - "I just try not to be sad when thinking about future"...
Moshe Szyf on epigenetics
we are just beginning to understand how the genes work and, no, your destiny is not fixed.
French site for a well known Spanish artist. i am rather disillusioned that it is a yet another Wordpress installation :-/
but check also picasso.com -- shows what can happen if you do not register a .com version of your name...
How a dragonfly brain is designed to kill
an astonishing lesson in DIY neuroscience reveals the dragonfly as a 97% accurate predator. all this with only 16 neurons.
Vivian Maier
lost and miraculously resurrected photographer, documenting 20th century America with her sharp European eye. Vivian Maier's (1926 – 2009) cache of 100,000 photographs has earned her a posthumous reputation as one of America’s most accomplished and insightful street photographers.
The good news on poverty
Bono puts his stage skills to better use, and -- yes -- he has the Results!
e-flux Journal
new online journal from NY art group e-flux
ZD News
general computer and IT industry news - useful and often entertaining
Wayne Clements
London visual artist and writer, creatively using IT technology
Adam Ben Ezra - Flamenco
astounding percussive double bass version -- music speaks one language, across all borders.
TED: How your brain hallucinates reality
Anil Seth explains how we predict ourselves into existence, includes the wonderful artificial hand experiment.
Jaron Lanier - how we need to remake the Internet
great talk from big Jaron - "We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them"
Rise of Human-Computer cooperation
we badly need good news from the advancing robotisation front - and here are some! average humans able to use computers well beat chess champion on supercomputer - the key is low friction interface.
brief, it's AI (Artifician Intelligence) vs IA (Intelligence Augumentation)
Why the Future Doesn't Need Us - by Bill Joy
this now classic vision of the future from the year 2000 remains valid, after 17 years, with most questions unanswered.
Alex Wissner TED talk about intelligence
Function of intelligence ? keep the maximum of options open.
This is the most dangerous time for our planet
a poignant message to human kind from one of a kind Stephen Hawking...
Bot Poet
simple web site from Oscar Schwartz, where you can try to guess whether a poem was written by a human or a computer. many poems easily pass the Turing test of >30%,
Project Gutenberg
53,000 free ebooks, including many classics, now in public domain. "for human readers only" say the Terms of Use...
The Gift - short animation film
nice, clever and hugely successful 7'50'' animation from Chileans Julio Pot and Cecilia Baeriswyl
Stefan Hepner
design studio of my old, multi-talented friend from Paris, now quietly settled in Brooklyn, NY.
Music Notation
useful resource for music notation systems, from sheet music to MIDI and Braille
Canibaal Magazine
the fearsome literary magazine in Valencia, Spain, run by (Al)Chemist Ximo Rochera, with Jesús García Cívico (Aldo Alcota has been eaten). now in 7th issue continues to delight and inspire (in Spanish).
Mag Culture
small design studio and shop in central London working for and distributing over 350 of independent magazines from around the world.
Urban Dictionary
dictionary of urban slang and techno neologisms.
Casey Reas
computer artist
Majora Carter at TED
Greening the ghetto - caution - this is fast moving...
MIT Tech Review - latest breakthrough technologies
10 breakthrough technologies of the 2013, according to MIT - include memory implants, additive manufacturing and supergrids - they got quite a few of them right. they do that every year, just change the date in the address.
large photography collection and study centre in Antwerpen, Holland
Martin Amis
Site about great British writer, born in 1949.
Black Sifichi
American DJ and poet in Paris
high voltage power lines health effect = 0
combat pseudoscience and hysteria with Steven Salzberg - professor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biostatistics, USA. contains links to statistical data from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.
Felix Ros
Dutch interaction design engineer
OFF_PRESS is a UK-based independent publishing house, promoting contemporary creative writing in English, with a special focus on translations, using multimedia and live events to celebrate reading and storytelling in different languages/genres around the world.
Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum
2001 project from Valencian neofuturist architect, creator of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia.
TED.com - online social change: easy to organize,
yes! democracy needs to be updated.
but -- it will not be done as easily as you think.
techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci has the news -- good and bad.
Sven's Space Place
space exploration technology and history from Sven, Sweden.
Sounds and Silence - movie
A new film about ECM's Manfred Eicher, with Arvo Pärt, Dino Saluzzi, Jan Garbarek and others.
Marian Bantjes
TED talk by a reformed graphic designer from Canada
open-source electronics prototyping platform
Artists' group, Amsterdam
poster designs from Geoffrey Dorne (FRA)
Kilometer Zero
Parisian literary collective