Jac Depczyk : links

Intelligent Glass
Paris Metro route finder
Paris Metro map
e-flux Journal
ZD News
Wayne Clements
Adam Ben Ezra - Flamenco
TED: How your brain hallucinates reality
Jaron Lanier - how we need to remake the Internet
Rise of Human-Computer cooperation
Why the Future Doesn't Need Us - by Bill Joy
Alex Wissner TED talk about intelligence
This is the most dangerous time for our planet
Bot Poet
Elon Musk on TED Apr 2017
Project Gutenberg
The Gift - short animation film
Stefan Hepner
Music Notation
Canibaal Magazine
Polska Canada
Vivian Maier
Mag Culture
Urban Dictionary
Casey Reas
Majora Carter at TED
MIT Tech Review - latest breakthrough technologies
Martin Amis
Black Sifichi
high voltage power lines health effect = 0
Felix Ros
Coop Himmelb(l)au
Photomediations Machine
Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum
TED.com - online social change: easy to organize,
Leonel Moura
Sven's Space Place
Sounds and Silence - movie
Marian Bantjes
Kilometer Zero