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The Contemporary Harpsichord (a new revival)
Contemporary Music Review, Volume 19 Part 4 (with CD), Harwood Academic Publishers, IBSN 90-5755-160-8

The Contemporary Harpsichord (new perspectives)
Contemporary Music Review,Volume 20 Part 1, Harwood Academic Publishers, IBSN 90-5755-159-4

Two issues compiled and edited by Jane Chapman exploring a wide range of works, and approaches to the contemporary harpsichord by leading composers and performers.

Articles by jane Chapman:

Volume 19 Part 4

Points of Departure: An Interview with Simon Emmerson

CD recordings: Crosscurrents (version with tape), Tiento by Mike Vaughan, Points of Departure (harpsichord and live electronics by Simon Emmerson, Instrumentum Magnum by Caroline Wilkins

Volume 20 Part 1

Notes Inégales in Contemporary Music?
An Interview with Brian Ferneyhough - Thoughts on the Harpsichord in Etudes Transcendantales

Harpsichord and Fortepiano, Volume 5, no.1, ISSN 0953 0797

The Challenge of New Music

The Musical Times, Volume cxxxii, no1785, ISSN 0027 4666

PLATFORM: Redefining the harpsichord

The Lady, Volume 222, no. 5794, ISSN 0023 7167

The Heavenly Harpsichord

Articles about Jane Chapman:

Classical Music, no. 440

Jacks and Jack-plugs - interview by Jessica Duchen

Classical Music, no.519

A woman for all seasons - interview by Andrew Stewart

Harpsichord and Fortepiano, Volume 6, no 2, ISSN 0953 1797

A Performance Practice for the 21st Century - interview by Pamela Nash

Harpsichord and Fortepiano, Volume 7, no. 1, ISSN 1463 0036

A performance Practice for the 21st Century (part 2) - interview by Pamela Nash

The Independent, Saturday 3 October 1992

the bare necessities - interview by Mark Pappenheim

Piano Forte, Vol.11, no 3 (Summer 2008)

Harpsichordist Extraordinaire - interview with Sally Mosher

Wall Street Journal, 3 April 09

Jane Chapman Rocks the Harpsichord - interview by Andi Spicer