Jane Chapman : harpsichordist

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JANE CHAPMAN - Contemporary Repertoire


L. Andriessen Overture to Orpheus **
T. Armstrong Envoi *
I. Ballamy 4 half Minutes Late *
G. Barry Sur les Pointes
J. Beers Flight of a Chukanu *
L. Berio Rounds **
D. Brozak in A
G. Carcas Imaginary Moon Walk*
Y. Hara Cawkwell Molecular dance II *
A. Cook Anaemic Lava Harp *
C. Cox The Open Frame: Prelude, after D'Anglebert
Riffle (2009) A fantasy, after Bach *
G. Chernick Toccata *
M. Craft Barricades
J. Dillon Birl
F. Donatoni Duetto
B. Drabkin Le Tombeau de Brahms *
P. Edwards The Ringing Grooves of Change *
R. Emsley Tidal Volume 1 *
J. Estrada Yuunohui'tlapoa */**
Memorias *
M. Finnissy Terekkeme *
R. Fischman States and Transitions *
A. Gentile Nonsense /Gli studietti di Betty Boop
E. Hall Concerning Franklyn *
J. Harris Dance of The Mad Tribesmen
S. Hayden Ulterior Motives
Scintilla *
H.W. Henze Six Absenses
S. Ikeda Prism **
P. Jones Santoor Suite *
F. Johnston Bog Boogie
B. Jolas Autour
N. Kaczor Extract VI *
J.S. Kang Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love **
R. Keeley Six Inventions *
Manoeuvring and Finessing
I. Kobayashi Drops in a flow *
Z. Krauze Commencement
J. Kraus The ascent of K517 **
G. Ligeti Passacaglia ungherese **
Continuum **
Hungarian Rock **
C. Litherland Fortspinning *
D. Little Phase Etudes
G. Lynch Admiring Yoro Waterfall
E. Maconchy Sonatina for Harpsichord
R. de Man Frenzy
S. Milstein a thousand golden bells in the breezes
S. Montague Dark Train * (with optional tape)
P. Newland 1-4 ( with ebows)
M. Nyman The Convertibility of Lute Strings
Tango for Tim
M. Ohana Carillons
Conga **
J. Palmer Mosaic *
Satori *
H. Paredes Yay Be *
V. Persichetti 10th Harpsichord Sonata
J. Peyton Jones In memorium Gat and Brodsky *
A. Poppy Hoarding Flap *
M. Ptaszynska Touracou
P. Rainier Harpsichord Quinque
N. Redfern Corona *
R. Redgate Residua */**
A. Sadikova Clavecin *
T. Salter Images after Klee *
R. Samuel Silver Threads *
Copper Ribbons *
A. Spicer Baobab
L. Stoneham Nobody here but us chickens
K. Tanaka Jardin des Herbes
T. Takemitsu Rain Dreaming
S. Uduman Morpheus's Dances *
M. Vaughan Crosscurrents *
Tiento */**
E. Wallen Louis' Loops
T. Watts Vine *
S. Waters Time to Consider *
P. Whitty Vertigo */**
one-before *
Seven Pages I */**
Seven Pages II */**
Johann Sebastian Bach v. Gyorgy Ligeti *
C. Wilkins Instrumentum Magnum *
M. Wingfield Kayenta Spires *
Kayenta Ghosts (solo version) *
H. Zender Chiffren


R. Glover Spiral Chaotic (crotales) *
K. Narita Pictorial Piece (harpsichord and chimes)
R. Percy Solfege (voice) *
A. Savvopoulos Klangkomposition No. 3 * (bell plate, rin, bamboo chimes, finger bells)

T. Armstong & J. Rai Moto (tape)
L. Birtwhistle Subfossil A (live electronics) *
Y. Cawkwell Molecular Dance (tape) *
D. Clarke Linear A (live electronics)*
P. de Moncey-Conegliano Thesaurus II (tape)*
P. Dibley Invention I (tape) */**
Invention II (tape and film) *
Invention III (live electronics) *
S. Emmerson Points of Departure (live electronics) */**
B. Eyes Transport (tape and live electonics) *
E. Ficarra Close - two harpsichords and tape one harpsichord and tape
K. Glowicka Thimble Trance (tape) *
T. Hodgkinson Carillons * (tape)
J. Lee Yun Mu 4 ** (live electronics]
L. Leobenberg Facing the Flow (tape) */**
A. Lewis INT/ext ** (tape)
D. Little Harpsi-Kord (tape)
D. MacCleod The New Atlantis * (live electronics)
S. Montague Phrygian Tucket (tape)
A. Ni Riain 2 Steep 4 Sheep (some hills are) (tape) *
J. Palmer Vision (live electronics and tape) */**
Encounter - harpsichord, tabla, (live electronics and tape) */**
A.R. Pullen New Year's Revolutions * (tape)
N. Rothwell/J. Chapman DHCSPH: The Dreaming Harpsichord (live electronics and interactive video) *
K. Saariaho Jardin Secret II (tape)
A. Strange Velocity Studies 2 (tape)
S. Uduman Breath across autumnal ground (live electronics) */**
W. Itoh Study (a study for pauses)(live electronics) *
R. Watkins After Scarlatti (live electronics or tape) *
T. Watts Dodo Suite for Harpsichord (tape) *
P. Whitty Um (contact mic, live electronics, mini-discs and video *
M. Vaughan Crosscurrents (tape version) */**
Silence...(dissloved) (solo+tape)*/**
In Memorium...(layer 6) (live electronics) */**
N. Virgo Gauche*/**
M. Zev Gordon Eclipsis (live electronics) *


L. Andriessen Dubbelspoor - ensemble **
P. Adriaansz Music of Mercy pt. 2b - ensemble
T. Armstrong Divertissments - harpsichord and electric guitar *
S. Beamish Black, White, Blue - harpsichord and string quartet *
D. Biro elegant enigmas - harpsichord and fender rhodes */**
J. Dillon Vernal Showers - ensemble**
H. Dutilleux Les Citations - ob, d-bass, perc, hps
J. Evangelista Clos de Vie - harpsichord and large ensemble
M. Kagel Recitativarie (singing harpsichordist)
P. Newland Jump from a standng still position - vln, electric guitar, harmonium *
Django Bates Pindrops... harpsichord/vocals, keyboards/horn, percussion */**
B. Ferneyhough Etudes Transcendentales - ensemble **
B. Hopkins chamber work **
C. Mathhews Galiarda (Thomas Morley arr.) -chamber work */**
S. McNeff Dissolve me into Ecstasies - sop&tenor solo,with harpsichord, oboe d'amore & cello
C. Nancarrow Study No. 14 - ensemble
N. Sorrell Hi-Ti - 3 trumpets*
L. Stoneham Hip to Easter Island - ensemble *
P. Szymanski Through the Looking Glass...III - string quartet
P. Whitty in the midst of life we are in death - ensemble *
I. Xenakis Komboi - harpsichord and percussion **

E. Hall Chords from various (amplified harpsichord and chamber orch) *
E. Carter Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Piano
Gorecki Harpsichord Concerto **
B. Martinu Harpsichord Concerto
M. Nyman Harpsichord Concerto (also arranged for string quartet) *
F. Poulenc Harpsichord Concerto (Concert Champetre)

NEW WORKS FOR KEYNOTE + (harpsichord, prepared piano, musical box, toy piano, clavichord)

C. Cox Playing a round *
Y. Hara Cawkwell Luminous *
P. Davies Lennon Variations *
E. Ficarra Rendition (video by Ian Winters) *
R. Harrold Cable *
J. Lely Toy Pianos *
S. Montague One Imperial Thunderbolt (tape *)
H. Paredes A traves del granizo (tape) *
J. Peyton Jones Sounding Boxes *
R. Redgate Labyrinths *
C. Riley Fabric *
S. Emmerson Dreamscape (live electronics) video by David Bickerstaff *
P. Whitty ...a push - and it's over (video by Paul Whitty) *
M. Wingfield Orange Sky: Blue Storm *


S. Emmerson Time-Space (live electronics) *
E. Ficarra Deuce (electroacoustic)*
I. Goldschneider Shelter (electroacoustic)*
F. Johnston Morrighan (live electronics) *
M. Vaughan Again into Light*
M. Vaughan Silence?(dissolved) III (electroacoustic)*


J. Estrada Yuunohui'tlapoa*/**
J. Dillon Traumwerk 2 */**
J. Cage Thirteen Harmonies
M. Vaughan ...on reflection *
P. Whitty Blinkwarpvoid *
S. Uduman Memories of a Fragmented Landscape *
R. Fischman El Picaflor y el Huaco *


G. Carpenter After Braque *
E. Ficarra Close (tape)
G. Fitkin Compress *
K. Malone Remote Control (tape + live electronics)*
S, Montague Walzing in the Ether (duo version)
A. Rathbone Revolution (tape) *
S. Reich Piano Phase
M. Vaughan Silence?(dissolved) I (tape)*


M. Wingfield The Serpent */**
Sun Bird */**
African Sea */**
Diablada */**
Roads in the sky */**
Kites */**
Eremia */**
Three Windows */**
Hindustani Airs (arranged) */**
Unmeasured Preludes (arranged) */**


InvII - Paul Dibley (visuals by Paul Dibley) *
Molecular Dance I - Yumi Hara Kawkwell (Vjing by Yoshitaka) *
Um - Paul Whitty (visuals by Paul Whitty) *
Serra Central - Mark Wingfield (visuals by Jane Wingfield) *
Demolition 1901 - Elizabeth Walling with silent film *
I, Cog - Paul Burnell (visuals by Paul Burnell) *
Kayenta Dreams - Mark Wingfield (visuals by Jane Wingfield) *
Molecular Dance II - Yumi Hara Cawkwell (Vjing by Yoshitaka) *
Tap - Mica Levy (visuals by Mica Levy) *
Clavecin - Aziza Sadikova (images by Caren van Herwaarden and Sandra Kruisbrink) *
New Year's Revolutions - Arther Rathbone Pullen (Vjing by Yoshitaka) *
DHCSPH: The Dreaming Harpsichord (live electronics and interactive video) *
Nick Rothwell/Jane Chapman *
Amber - Jane Chapman (visuals by Norman McBeath) *


5 - (CD, Ebows, video) - Paul Newland *
Shard - (Live electronics/visuals) - Nick Rothwell *
Seven Pages 3 - (CD, contact mics, signal processors, video) - Paul Whitty *
Overture to Orpheus - (version with dance) - Louis Andriessen

G. Carpenter Interlude (NMC Song Book) */**
R. Keeley "Because I Breathe not love to everyone" (NMC Song Book) */**

Works by Norwegian composers (NMK)

New works by Norwegian composers for solo harpsichord with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, live electronics: Harald Saether, Ole Karsten Sundlistaeter, Arnt Hakon Anesen, Kristin Bolstad, Peter Edwards, Stine Sorlie, Bjorn Erik Haugen, Sigurd Fischer Olsen

Works Commissioned by Trio Aporia www.trioaporia.com


New commissions for 2013-14

Jean-Philippe Calvin: Corps Sonore (2014-15)

Edward Cowie: Papillons Australie

Duncan Druce: Sonata for 3: Coulicam revisited

Simon Emmerson: tba

Neal Farwell: Rain From Other Seasons (commission for Bristol University March 2014)

Fabrice Fitch: Agricola VIII/Obrecht Canon III: De tous bien plaine/Tinguely Brunnen (commissioned and performed for the New Music North West Festival 2013)

Alexander Glyde-Bates: Objet d’Art (commission for Southampton University March 2014)

Kevin Malone: Tacet al Fine (commissioned and performed for the New Music North West Festival 2013)

Gillian Menichino: … to a beginning from no end (commissioned and performed for the New Music North West Festival 2013)

Geoffrey Poole: Les Ramages (commission for Bristol University March 2014)

Andrea Riley: À l’intérieur (commissioned and performed for the New Music North West Festival 2013)

David Toop: tba

Allen S Weiss: Sonate pour clarines et trio baroque

Alan Edward Williams: Advices and Queries (commissioned and performed for the New Music North West Festival 2013)
Paul Newland: fields of sound (commissioned for King's College London A&H Festival, October 2014
Paul Whitty: trembling earth (commissioned for King's College London A&H Festival , October 2014

Litha Efthymiou - harpsichord and tape
Effy Efthymiou - harpsichord and tape
Leo Grant - harpsichord and tape
Leo Loenberg - harpsichord and tape
Alex Glyde-Bates - harpsichord and tape
Alex Harker - harpsichord and electronics
Andres Franco - chamber piece

[* commissions or first performances ** recordings ( Radio or CD)]