Jane Chapman : harpsichordist

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Selected press comments:
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'Jane Chapman is one of Britain's most distinguished classical harpsichordists, with a repertoire that stretches from early music to contemporary avant-garde. Her work is rapidly bringing the harpsichord into the 21st century and establishing her reputation as a rule-breaker' (Wall Street Journal)

'Jane Chapman plays with brilliance and sensitivity' (Classic CD )

'With Jane Chapman one can count on technique to burn and faithful observance of stylistic conventions' (The Musical Times)

'Britain's most progressive harpsichordist' (The Independent on Sunday)

'Jane Chapman is a fearless contemporary music performer...... you have to respect Chapman's virtuosity and guts' (The Guardian)

'... the hippest harpsichordist around' (London Metro)

'... eloquent and stylish' (The Times)

'Her virtuosity commands attention' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Her progressive spirit and comprehensive technique have inspired composers to forge new parameters and sound worlds for the harpsichord with works of unprecedented musical and technological scope' (Harpsichord & Fortepiano)

'Has made her mark both in baroque and contemporary music' (The Independent )

'Such is Jane Chapman's panache and affinity with this repertoire [Bauyn] that one almost feels the composer in person is improvising at the keyboard' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Jane Chapman's greatest talent is her fluidity, as shown in her melodic lines...' (Repertoire)

'Played with dizzy virtuosity by the astonishing Jane Chapman' (Musical Opinion )

'An excellent harpsichordist to watch for' (Classic CD )

'... remarkable solo artist .. Jane Chapman is unique in conjuring 21st-century sounds from the harpsichord' (SPNM)

'Jane Chapman played all the pieces with a riveting presence... in what was a wonderful and thought-provoking performance' (New Notes)

'The sorceress of the harpsichord' (Radio Times)

'Jane Chapman makes her harpsichord engage the senses much as Hugh Masekela woos with his trumpet!' (Brighton Festival)