Rosemary Brandt : choreologist, dance artist, pedagogue

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About Rosemary

Rosemary is a qualified practical choreologist. She acquired her skills through years of experience as a professional dancer and teacher of dance and through study for a Masters degree at the Laban Centre, London, in 1986. After lecturing at the Laban Centre for several years, where she developed her unique approach to choreology, Rosemary responded to invitations from other London-based institutions and dance centres abroad.

Since 1992 her work has made a distinct contribution to dance education. Her work involves lecturing, teaching, and contributing to dance study programmes, choreology workshops for dance professionals, students of dance and for teachers of dance. While her initial and particular research has been directed towards classical dance, her work is not style-bound. Currently she is in demand in both classical and contemporary dance spheres and is recognised in the field as being an outstanding educator. As a leader in her particular field, Rosemary is highly regarded in Europe and has gained a considerable reputation internationally.

In 2006 Rosemary returned to Laban as the Undergraduate Studies Year One Programme Co-ordinator and is Senior lecturer in Choreological Studies.

Rosemary Brandt is a classically trained dancer and also works in contemporary dance. She completed an MA in Dance Studies at the Laban Centre after which she was appointed lecturer in choreological studies. During her lectureship, she developed her unique approach to dance teaching. She is currently lecturer in Choreology at London Contemporary Dance School and at Birkbeck College, University of London and teachers on CandoCo's first foundation course.

In addition, she has taught at:

  • School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam;
  • State School of Dance, Athens, Greece;
  • Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey;
  • Chichester Institute for Higher Education, University of Southampton;
  • Centre National de Danse Contemporaine d'Angers, France;
  • College of the Royal Academy of Dancing, London;
  • Skolen for Moderne Dans I Danmark, Copenhagen;
  • Universitat Mainz, Germany;
  • Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Altea, Spain.
  • Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam

She gives workshops for dance companies in England and France. She has been guest teacher for Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker's company, Rosas, and Phoenix Dance Company. She also gives workshops for students in academic study and dance research in France, Belgium, Germany and Holland.