Rosemary Brandt : choreologist, dance artist, pedagogue

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"Rosemary is really inspiring and excellent workshop provider. I have never had a teacher with quite so much depth of understanding about the body and the way it moves and the way we can be articulate and intelligent as dancers and teachers of such an art form. I attended all three workshops. Not only did I learn about the importance of the language used when teaching and the vocabulary of dance, but also I gained some great tips on choreographic possibilities and how I can make dance more inclusive by being more clear with my intentions."

Philip Channells, Australian independent dance practitioner.

"The demand for her personal and specific work has grown over the last years. She is now being sought all over Europe by the most important institutions as a catalyst for change in the teaching of classical ballet and movement based studies."

David Steele, Rektor, National School for Contemporary Dance in Denmark.

"The dialogue that has developed amongst the teachers through their exchange of her ideas has led to the evolution of an articulate, vibrant dance teaching community."

Claudine Swann, Inspector of Dance Education for the French Community of Belgium.

"She has deep knowledge of the subject and teaches with great expertise, passion and clarity ... she has made a distinct contribution to dance education and her approach to choreology is quite unique. She is recognised in this field as being an outstanding educator."

Marion Gough, Dance Education Consultant.

"Her popularity and success with students has increased the demand of her subject area beyond course contact time and has enriched the curriculum as a whole."

Maria Koripas, Director of Performance Studies in Dance programme, Birkbeck College, University of London.