Ali Lochhead

The man who created the world wide web has some regrets....
Tim Berners-Lee asks us to join him as he develops Solid to reclaim the Web from corporations and return it to its democratic roots....
A New Device Can Hear Your Thoughts
What will the creator do with it?
There was no big bang singularity
so how did it begin?
Toba Catastophe Theory
When humanity was nearly wiped out...
Light Barrier Third Edition
Great art intallation from the Kimchi and Chips studio
Kimchi and Chips
Soeul based art studio
Light Scale II Exhibit
Wonderful Light Scale II exhibit by Uwe Rieger at Ars Electronica, 2017
Facebook's new AI
open your eyes....
WP authentication unique keys
WordPress security - Background on wordpress authentiction unique keys and how to update them
WordPress Security
protect your site from brute force attacks
WordPress common errors
white screen of death, internal server error message and other common problems and fixes
Jiwei Han
Beijing street photographer
Airbnb disaster response
Activated when there is a crisis or emergency
What happens when computers get smarter than us?
Nick Bostrom TED talk
Internet Library
non-profit digital library
Why the web 3.0 matters and you should know about
how blockchain technology can get us off the dystopian trajectory...
We're building a dystopia just to make people clic
How we are being manuipulated commercially, socially and politically....
Making Art Making Money
Interesting thoughts and ideas about selling art
Your facebook data is creepy as hell...
...and why you should take a look....
Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane
How your life is going to change in the next 20 years, described by Brett King and Alex Lightman.
Virtual Solar Observatory
Beautiful images from the NASA visualisation software exploring the sun and inner heliosphere
Inside the first church of AI
AI gets a religion
Do we live in a multiverse?
Video from Economist newspaper.
Photographer Levon Biss
Government hacking
Are you a target? Everyone is, says Edward Snowden, tweeting this short intro to Government Hacking....
Can we still rely on science done by sexual harassers
Wired considers the wider implications of abuse.
UK spies use social media for mass surveilance
British spy agencies collect intel from potentially millions of social media accounts and sell the information to governments overseas.
3D printing rockets
3D printing rockets cuts the launch by 90% and a whole rocket could be built in a month. Prototype launch flight set for 2021.
We'll be a billion times smarter by 2045, says Ray
Ray Kurzweil predicts the singularity will occur by 2045 and says we will increase our intelligence a billion fold when we merge with AI...
Can we build AI without losing control?
Sam Harris TED talk
Robots get feeling power
Giving robots the ability to feel in 15 different dimensions - and developing a standard measurement for touch
The incredible inventions of intuitive AI
The augmented age is here and it's good news for creatives?
Neuralink and the brain's magical future
Great long read about Elon Musk's neuralink venture and humanity's rapidly ascending future.
ARS Electronica Fesitval
Festival for Art, Technology and Society in Linz, Austria... over 1000 exhibitors and performers from around the world...this year the theme is AI.
EU Civil rules on robotics
Eu Civil rules on robotics
EU General Data Protection Regulation
Described as the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years
Dr. Sandra Wachter
Dr. Sandra Wachter is a lawyer and Postdoctoral Researcher in Data Ethics and Algorithms at the Oxford Internet Institute
Dr. Joanna J. Bryson
Currently at Bath University, Dr. Bryson's primary research is around using artificial intelligence to understand natural intelligence.
Mindfulness and how narcissism impairs it.
Defining a psychopath
isometricland artwork
3d, fractal graphics
Bruce Gilden
3d Printing in Space
3D Printer uses moon dust and recycled plastic bottles to print new parts for spacecraft!
Talking Peace Fesival
Art, comedy, music, pop-up restaurants, peace hackathons..month-long festival by peacebuilding charity, International Alert.
Influential Asian Photographers
20 most influencial Asian photographers (Photography & Visual Arts in Asia)
Making humans a multiplanetary species
Elon Musk outlines his plans to take us to Mars
Two trillion galaxies
New estimates show the universe has two trillion galaxies...
International Alert
Peacebuilding charity.
El Ultimo Grito
Design duo Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo.
Animated 4d Hypercube
Animated 4d hypercube,
Can we make quantum technology work?
The IT revolution - How the quantum computer works and what it can do.
Leo Kouwenhoven. TEDx Amsterdam
Visualising Eleven Dimensions
Thad Roberts on TEDx explaining his theory that space is quantized.
Understanding our brains
A theory about why some people are more creative and have the ability to think metaphorically
Quantum Biology
The rapidly evolving world of quantum biology and why it matters
Syria: Who's fighting whom?
Great video from Channel 4 news explaining the complexities underlying the conflict in the region.
How far is it from London?
Lovely map of Londoncentricity :-)
Why information can't be the basis of reality
Blog reacting to "The Information" by James Gleick (Pantheon 2011)
Quantum Information Theory
Economist review of "Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information" by Vlatko Vedral.
Information Theory and the Digital Age
MIT paper
Network 7
Best bits from N7 including my tv debut!
Pie Face
Did I deserve a pie in the face? This version was pre-recorded so I knew what was coming...
Albert Einstein
Documentary with Michio Kaku
String theory explained
Physicist Brian Greene explains superstring theory in 20 minutes. Seeking a unified answer to the question, "What is it that makes up every particle and force in our universe?" String theory postulates the answer is tiny strands of energy vibrating in ten dimensions of space and one dimension of time. Thus moving us beyond our 3d view and changing our perception of who we are and how our reality works.
The brain in love
Romantic love is one of the most powerful and addictive substances on earth and we will die for it, says Dr Helen Fisher PhD in this TED talk, which looks at the neuroscience behind our romantic longings.
Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich give a million euros in refugee suppport
Merkel the bold
The Economist
Merkel warns of EU failure
Migrant Crisis
Hundreds in Hungary 'migrant train' standoff
Channel 5 news. Cameraman: Kris Mesie.
Is ManKind?
Airbnb Ad
EU Border control agency
Refugees Welcome
Berlin based initiative to accomodate refugees
Superstudio Documentary
Trailer - Superstudio o La Mossa del covallo (2009) - avante garde architectural movement which arose out of Italy in the late 1960s
Superstudio Background
Background into Superstudio, radical architectural movement in Italy late 1960s.
Italy: The New Domestic Landscape
Pivitol archetictural design exhibition at MoMA 1972
Network 7, Channel 4
My first ever television appearance on the oh-so-80's Network 7.
Getting Pied
Live broadcast I did as a joke for my colleagues at Sky News...the clowns sent me flowers the next day :-)
Tim Barber
Fifty exhibitions in fifty weeks
Street artist who specialises in recreating classical painting using contemporary models.
UN Population Report
The growth of our cities
Photos from the opening night.